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Hi 😊

Hi, my name is Vikki and I suffer from CRPS and Arthritis in both knee's since suffering a serious knee injury at work. Looking forward to chatting and maybe making a few friends in similar situations to me. I work full time and keen to stay that way but I'm currently laid up after my second knee operation. Hope you are all having a good day and hope to chat with you soon 😊😊

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Hi vikmattz how long have u had crps I had crps for 6 years now in that time I had my left arm amputated also got it in my right arm and hand then in 2013 had a car crash and got it in my right foot it was so bad they amputated my foot,   Are u under a pain specialist team and how do u cope with it when u are working by the sound of it u must have a good boss, best wishes to u 


Hi, I've had it since 2009 after my accident on my right knee, it's now progressed to my right hip and left knee. I've just had surgery to have samples of tissues and fluid to test for RA. So I'm just waiting on results now.

How do you manage day to day? I try to stay positive mostly but it does get to me sometimes and I get frustrated with not being able to do things I used to. 

Hope you're having a good day, best wishes to you too 😊


Don't worry about getting back to work! I used to be ?Ike this! Always wanted ed to get back to work! But you get no medals for being this conscientious! Just crapped on and dumped on more! Just concentrate on getting better as you could make things worse by rushing things!


So true! Wise words 


Hi, I won't be rushing back to work, I'll be making sure I'm as fit as I can be, I'm just keen to stay fulltime and not have to drop hours.

I'm quite lucky in the fact that as my accident happened at work, they can't really crap on me as it was their fault.

Hope you're having a good day 😊


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