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Torn ligaments

Hey all.

I had a motorbike accident 5 months ago. Tore the ligaments that connect the collarbone to the shoulder blade. Off work for only 10 days. Should it still be uncomfortable and sometimes painful now? I have a raised bone too. One is higher than the other now. But docs cleared me after 10 days so dont know if i am being hypochondriact.


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Go and get some proper Chinese acupuncture ,ligaments should be treated with this as early as possible so may need a few but it will help loads of calcium vit c calcium and protein in your diet .keep it warm the acupuncturist should be able to give u a warming rub and massage it as well as strengthening exercises.The reason acupuncture will help is it will stimulate the circulatory system to repair itself.

Good luck



Ligaments take longer to heal than bone. My leg ligament injury took a year before it was completely healed.

Worth checking with your GP if you have doubts though.


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The answer to your question is that no one knows. If you are involved with insurance companies regarding damage issues keep in constant contact with the GP. If you don't the other side will claim that it healed up within a very short time.

You get a build up of bone where there is stress so you may have a different bone shape which will impact on how muscle work on structures. This will be detected by various sensory organs like pain nerves etc.. Each accident is unique so the response to the accident is unique for each person.

You may need to get checked out by a chiropractor in order to prevent future problems. It may be worth while discussing getting some physiotherapy. There is a long waiting list so by the time you get it is the time you will need a bit of advice to get better functioning.


Torn ligaments are very painful in the shoulder. I'd ask for a referral to a shoulder expert, could need a rotar cuff repair. X-rays /MRI show exactly what's wrong.


I think you should go back to another Dr or local minor injuries or A & E and point out these things and have a full assessment. You could have cracked the bone, which is a clean break across and does not always seem obvious immediately.Good Luck


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