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Really struggling

Hi, I've been on zomorph for arthritis in my elbows now for over a year now, I was on 400mg a day until I had an op to remove a large bone spur( my third arthroscopy) after the surgery settled down I decided to try and get this medication down as much as I could, I tried cold turkey but ended up in a and e , not a pleasant experience . For the last 2 or 3 months I've managed I've managed to taper down to 200 mg a day , my problem is that I'm chronicly tired all day, really struggle to get up and every couple of days just crashing out on the bed exhausted, all my bloods are normal, has anyone on here had any similar experiences , I've now got another blood test to look deeper or for chronic fatigue. Thanks.

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hi baddog you maybe short of vitamin b12, it doesn't show up on regular blood tests they have to do a special test for it. i was in bed with sever fatigue for 5 months having several blood tests, it was only tested me for vit b12 it showed up i have b12 injections every 3 months now and iv'e never felt better for ages. hope you get sorted soon good luck.


It could be from the pain killers after all it is an opiate and it can have this effect. You need to see your doctor and explain how you feel. I hope you feel better soon I have felt the same before just having no get up and go and feeling tired all the time I know it sounds simple but having a hot shower can help when you feel really bad soothes the muscles and can help wake you up more.

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