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Osteopathic treatment

Hello, first time I've posted. I've had chronic back pain, now widespread pain for many years. I had a spinal fusion 6 years ago, successful at first, then 18 months later symptoms increased again. I've had all the usual Nhs treatment including caudal epidurals. I'm currently trying to reduce my meds which is great because the side effects have been awful. Yesterday I visited an osteopath for the first time, always been cautious about this kind of treatment. I went to a local well respected man who was originally a Gp. Consultation was good, nice manner, seemed to understand my problems. Had a couple of treatments then not long after got severe pain behind my left knee. I've been having knee pain a good while now, but this was different. All night I've had this burning pain, been awake hours. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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It's rubbish when the treatment you have makes the pain worse.

I had osteopathy for a while (head pain) - it didn't help me but it did often flare the pain up massively after treatment. I suppose everything had been moved and stretched. I have found that telling the person doing the treatment about the increase in pain at your next visit is important : at one point I had physio and when I said it had been worse after the treatment she modified her approach so that it wasn't so bad the following week.

But don't be put off by my experience. I do know people who have found osteopathy very helpful. Good luck.


This has been my point all along! BYE.

Good luck.


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