Pulse radiofrequency treatment

Hi guys

Haven't been on here for a while. Just to recap I had my coccyx removed two years ago and unfortunately it didn't work. I have now been offered pulse radiofrequency treatment and I'm unemployed sure of what it involves and abit concerns. I've got to go hospital early in morning nil by mouth and that even concerns me. Has anyone had this treatment that can help me with finding out about what it actually does to help with pain. Has it worked or been unsuccessful to anyone.

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  • hello Nikki68, I had pulse radiofrequency treatment for nerve pain last year unfortunately this did nothing for my pain. After 2 nerve blocks this is what was suggested I have. nil by mouth is because you are given a mild anaesthetic in the area close to where the pain stems. For me this was in my left buttock as they were treating the pudental nerve. The procedure is very similar to a nerve block but a radiofrequency procedure is where they stimulate the area to detect where the pain actually is. Hope this has helped some what.

  • Thank you so much Stenosis49,

    You've given a very clear and concise description of the procedure and results. It's been a massive help to me as well.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello Reykua, just wondering if you have had your procedure yet and if so has this helped you in any way.

  • Hi stenosis49,

    How good of you to check on me. I feel so very grateful.

    I've actually not had the procedure - it's actually been postponed for a few months for two reasons; the first is that I haven't lost sufficient weight for the surgeons to feel comfortable. The aim was 1.5 to 2 stones but I only managed just under a stone - I was doing quite a bit of 'fear/comfort' eating.

    The second is that I do not have adequate post op support at home until August/September.

    Thank you so much again. I can't emphasise enough how terrified I am of the procedure and actually considering getting some sort of counselling or hypnotherapy to help me cope. If you recall, my father had the same op and ended up in a wheelchair so....

    I will definitely keep you updated - will pm you directly. I hope you're coping with your conditions as well.

    Kindest regards.

  • Thank you so much for response. When the doctor was talking I only heard I can help you. After 6 years of pain ruling my life I had given up hope. I know that this procedure may not help but I'll try anything.

  • Nikki68 , hi there have you had your procedure done and did it help you in any way at all,

  • No not yet. Next Thursday.

  • Hi Nikki68

    I've had many of these procedures for neck, back and SI joint. The nil by mouth is because usually you will be given a sedative which will allow you to respond to the doc when he is carrying out the procedure but you will have no memory of it.

    The doc uses radio frequency waves to 'burn' ( it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as it sounds) the nerves to block the pain. It doesn't last permanently as the nerves heal and recover but the aim is to use that window of pain relief to exercise and build core strength and mobility.

    I've found the results really variable according to where I had it and the skill of the doc. I've had as much as 4 months relief in my neck or as little as zero fo SI joint but definitely worth a try in my opinion.

    I'm at the end of the road for all of those pain management procedures and waiting for assessment for a spinal cord stimulator.

    I do hope you'll be lucky and have a good result. It's definitely not the worst procedure I've ever had, the title just makes it sound a bit alarming tho eh?!

    All the best


  • Thank you Shirley. I'm so glad I understand abit more of the procedure. I think if this doesn't work he is going to do something else but as I said I was crying and didn't understand what he was saying. I think 6 years of tablets especially gabapentine is affecting my head. But again thank you :)

  • Totally understand how overwhelmed we feel when these docs talk to us, it's so huge for us and they talk in such a routine way it often impossible to have any idea of what is going to happen.

    Always someone on here happy to support and give their experience.

    I've been 40+. Years around various pain management specialists and surgeons, have had 6 prolapsed discs so multiple surgeries on my spine and also had to have a Thoroscapular fusion so my sons say I, more metal than mum!!

    I've come to the end of the road with pain management procedures and meds so have been referred to London hospital for assessment for spinal cord stimulator. I'm not sure how I feel about it as its a huge drawn out process with yet more surgery and I've been chopped around so much. But as the waiting list is so long I'll have plenty of time to think about it!!

    When's your procedure booked for? What hospital are you under?

    Take care



  • It's booked for next Thursday at Milton Keynes hospital.

    Bless you you have and are going through some tough procedures yourself. And I moan for being in pain for 6 years x

  • It's all relative Nikki, pain is pain no matter how long.

    I'm so glad you don't have to wait too long and I really hope you get good benefit from it.

    Keep in touch!

    Very best wishes,



  • Procedure postponed as I was unwell. Will have to wait for appointment.

  • Hi guys. Well had procedure done yesterday. I'm totally at a loss at what im suppose to be feeling or doing. If it was explained to me I don't have a clue. Think that was to do with drugs in my system. Ended up having 3 pins down each side of the top of my coccyx bone. At the moment I'm ok getting about but can't do stairs. I'm hoping the pain at moment is the bruising coming through.

    Fingers crossed it gets better. Not pinning my hopes up. Dr said first time he had carried out procedure in that area


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