Hi all doctor thinks I have spine bulge just had MRi on a few pain killers but not good for the stomach, been researching what treatments there are, pain killers, spine injection been told this is very painfull and do not always work, operation with side effects of being in more pain, Any advise you can give me on any treatment or alternatives any one using pain patches. I also have spondylitis which can be pain full, I have even thought of trying cannabis. keep well.

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  • Hi you mention Cannobis,well there is a Cannobis legal tablet ,it's called a Cannabinoid ,if your thinking of trying it.may be worth seeing your GP about it.

    It is cannabis but without the high in it. I just can't think at the moment what it is,but I will get back to you.

  • Sativex

  • Have you seen a rheumatologist? If you have a diagnosis of spondyloarthritis (ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis) then there are other medications available that treat the disease and not just the damage. If its an orthopaedic surgeon or GP who has told you you have spondylitis, then do ask for a rheumatology referral as getting a formal rheumatology diagnosis will open up a lot more treatment possibilities.

  • Hi I have exactly same ,no tablets work ,spasms are excrutiating .Ive given up with GP .I have just discovered Mag Phos ,I am so excited ,its early days & i still have pain but nothing like it has been .I didnt know about tissue salts ,i dont even know how I got there,I suppose just deeper & deeper into searching for help.When you read up on it it does say on most sites you have to have the type of pain that eases when heat is applied.This is me ,my only saviour is a hot bath or my hot packs,and the sites say if that is your type of pain it will I tried them and wow ,I am still shocked at how my pain has lessened.I havnt felt this comfortable for a long time.Research Tissue Salts or Mag Phos ,it has to be worth a try for you ,I tell you I am so excited I want to telll everyone .Good luck Oh yes the ones I got say keep taking them every 30 mins till pain eases to start with ,and it did :)

  • Thank you will try.

  • Can you tell me which ones you are taking I have looked on amazon do not know which one there are quite a few. thank you

  • Hi Frances I am taking Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos 8 .I got them in Holland ans Barret .This is my 4th day,the change is crazy.I have done a full days work ,yes I have had some pain ,but nothing in comparison to what I have been going through.First day I took them every 30 mins like it said on the labbel till the pain eased,did same second day.This morning I darent get out of bed for fear everything would go back to how I have been,and I just couldnt bare a set back now.I got up and have taken 4 today (they reccomend this as a maintenance dose.Wow a whole day of proper work .I think I may phone my GP,Im still cross that such a simple answer was there all this time.

    It did say on some of the web that these will only work if your type of pain was only eased when you applied heat e.g.My only sanctuary was my hot pack ,or very hot bath.Thats why I was sure I needed to try them,and thats how I was sure I was taking the correct ones.If your pain is sometimes relieved by heat ,they may work for you .I do hope so,I so understand what endless pain is,completely controling your life.My last blood test from GP,she said everything was fine ,so I dont think the blood tests cover tissue salts ,I am going to delve deeper ,when Im ready.Good luck,feel free to contact me anytime

  • appropriate physiotherapy exercises are probably the first thing you should try - that can help strengthen your spinal muscles, which means that your spine stays in a better position, and that bulge doesn't press on anything it shouldnt. It is far better to go see a physio for exercises than to just try and do them on your own, as the physio can watch how you are doing the exercises and make sure you aren't stressing another part of your spine by doing them slightly wrongly.

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