Hi I'm 48 years old and constantly worry about my health I get pains in my chest think the worst pains in head think the worst and so on. I have been to the drs 8 months ago and had a 40+ test blood tests blood count cholestoral kidneys liver etc. every came back ok. I recently went drs for a check up dr checked blood pressure urine behind eyes all ok also listened to my heart and lungs all sounded ok. Why can't I stop worrying fed up with getting pains and thinking the worst. Anyone feel the same. Thankyou

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  • If your health really worries you and everything has been checked out as normal, then maybe you could ask your GP to refer you to a psychologist or counsellor to try and work through your anxieties. A counsellor who does CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is the best kind for this sort of thing, as this type of therapy helps you get your head around things and not worry so much.

  • Thank you for the advice

  • I would agree with earthwitch that CBT would be very good for you if you are prepared to be open to it its benefits. It really does work.

    There are also meditation and/or relaxation techniques that could give you some relief too. There are some good books around.

    It is possible to find something else to devote your energies to? Perhaps some sport or other exercise would good for your mental wellbeing.

    Have you tried a "worry/anxiety box"?

  • Thank you I will check it out

  • Good advice from others here Claire.... we can all get wound up to boiling point and get physical symptoms...Anxiety is endemic in this society. I work (well hopefully if I can get my hip back in order) in a supermarket and there are customers who are so stressed that I feel like saying...really? You're going to lay your stress on me? Erm.... The 5p bag tax - wow! How angry can you get over a plastic bag?

    You have had things checked out by Gp so you know that all is as well as it can be... next step is to fully realise where the stress really belongs? Job, marriage, kids. All these things and no where to turn? CBT didnt do it for me but I understand that it does wonders for others and its a good starting place. For me 6 months of Duloxetine (anti-depressant) gave me a new view of what living without stress is like. So now I have a benchmark whereas before I thought I was relieving stress but I'd experienced it for so long that I had no real idea what an anxious-free state actually felt like. Now I have some perspective. When thoughts and feelings are becoming non-stop then its a warning sign. Best wishes, :)

  • Thanx for your reply taken on board

  • Hi there, I have lived most of my life with anxiety, it may have started in early childhood when my mum died but who knows the mind is a complex thing, about 15 years ago I was the typical hypochondriac in the truest sense, I would worry about everything my biggest fear was of dying before my daughter grew up. I went to my GP and after several appointments I decided to try antidepressants, I was very unsure, but after three months I had perspective of what it was to live without anxiety, and what a relief, I have come off the pills several times but felt bad again within a couple of weeks, so My GP and I have decided that its best to maintain rather than try to function without them. I think they are worth a try, for most people its not a permanent thing, but I am grateful for the peace I have now got. The way I look at it is if you broke your leg you would get it fixed and walk with a stick while it is needed, so if the chemical balance in the brain is out of step and a pill can resolve it why suffer. Good luck I hope you get it sorted and get some peace. Best wishes.

  • I agree with the above. Have you tried Tai Chi Gigong It is a slow type of Tai Chi which helps you relax and look at your whole self-Mind and Body. The Mind is a very strong factor on how we function. Think positive and all Best Wishes. No body is perfect but we can make the best of what we have got.

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