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BuTrans Patches

Hi all

After another week of hell my GP prescribed these patches. Starting at 5mg and then working up by 5mg each week if necessary. I'm also taking venlafaxine, clonazepam, naproxen and cocodamol. I'm on day 3 and starting to feel some relief. Has anyone had any experience of these patches for neuropathic pain? The idea is to get to a dose were I don't need the naproxen or cocodamol.

Lou x

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It generally takes the body a week or two to adjust to the medication.

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I insisted on trying these once I had my MRI results and was awaiting surgery,and thought I'd be taken more seriously. 5mcg patches did nothing really but I did get more relief on 10mcg and then again going up to 15/20mcg, it takes a couple of days to really work. Because it's a sustained release the pain is more controlled and reduced the muscle spasm. However, I found I built tolerance quickly, or my pain was just too bad, it just didn't help anymore and the Drs wouldn't allow me to try a higher dose. I came off cold turkey and it was ok, just restless legs during withdrawal - I was still taking codeine. I've tried the odd patch after a few months and it still doesn't make a difference. Im still just on codeine and pain is badly controlled. I couldn't tolerate naproxen or venlafaxine, plus many other drugs they typically offer, so found butrans excellent but for only months, perhaps a year. I didn't always change the patch weekly either, often I felt OK for a few days extra.


I'm on the patches - started at 5mg and am on 20 now. I felt a little sick when I started them, but that wore off very quickly and I have no side effects, thankfully. I do not have to take anywhere near the amount of cocodamol that I used to take which is great news for me!! Good luck :)

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