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Mri scan results

After months of waiting for my 2nd mri scan on my neck i am told there is nothing to surgically done which is great but now what ? Go back to the doctor and pain clinic . Also i showed him a letter from my osteopath saying i have all the symptoms of crps he says i am not inclined to go with this as an osteopath is not medically trained and he doesnt even know what one does that was his reply . What chance have you got . No one cares xx

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Hi Donna

Unfortunately, yep, pain team for strategies and meds is the only way forward it seems.

Harsh as it sounds, we have to live with it! Frame of mind, patience, calmness and attitude all helps to manage it.



He did suggest the symptoms i had how my body reacts to touch and senses and pain and other things and asked them to consider me to be having this crps as over two and half yrs of treating me he is as frustrated as i am . But the specialist wasnt interested said the pain clinic are trained to diagnose this crps not my osteopath he was helping to try and get a diagnoses instead of being palmed of with pain killers . Thank you will look into the link x


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