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Years of pain

I was born with Scoliosis in the top of my spine and Osteoarthritis Three years ago I developed Scoliosis in the lower spine, also in my early twenties I had been told I had and Ankolising Spondylosis and Spondylitis ( sorry about spelling) the Arthritis has spread to most of my joints on July 4th 2014 I was hit by lightening when about to back my car into the drive I felt the impact on my spine but did not feel it burn my head at the front or burn a hole in my right retina also broke my glasses. The following day I was shaking with pain in my back but did not relate it to the lightening until the doctor said it had burnt my nerve endings as well when it burnt my head However I was on Tramadol 400mg a day and Oxycodene 100mg a day. I was told I should not have been on these drugs and such a large amount although the pain clinic gave me them and I had a life. They were taken off me all at once and put on Oxycodene 12mg slow release and I ended up on the bed for most of three weeks I then managed to get them changed to 20mg Oxycodene immediate release I am managing but it is a struggle It was suggested I take Amitryptiline, but I cannot as they affect my breathing badly and I am like a Zombie all day cannot shake it off even if taken at teatime cannot concentrate dare not drive, then the pain consultant gave me Nortryptiline 10mg one taken at night. I have never heard of this drug and have not dared to try them as I have COPD ( not smoked) and Chronic Heart failure and keep getting exhaustion attacks as I now am suffering more pain as in April when I went to have my shoulders replacements checked there was an accident and my right knee got damaged and a disc out in my back, I cannot sleep more than two or three hours when I get out of bed and put my foot to the floor the pain in my back, bottom, and down my leg is so bad I am sometimes sick My GP said I have a disc out and it is ,leaning on my Sciatic nerve, I had some Physio but it did not work, they said they could not get the disc back and my knee has soft tissue damage.The Nortryptiline I am told is to help the pain although the read up on it does not mention pain it is an antidepressant Does anyone else take this drug for pain and do you have side effects If they affect me like Amitryptiline do I will not be able to drive and will be housebound, but I am more worried about the shortness of breath if they affect me like Amitryptiline do. If you are taking Nortryptiline 10mg I would appreciate your findings please

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I am responding to your post not because I can offer you any helpful advice but just to express my sincere sympathy for your unbearable condition.

I have suffered severe neuropathic pain in my hands for more than three years since I was diagnosed with stenosis and was operated on my neck three times to relieve the spinal compression. Living with constant pain is so hard and it is difficult not to just give up. I have tried so many different treatments and meds but nothing works.

I hope like me you have someone who gives you support both physical and moral. I do hope you find some relief from your pain. Thinking of you. suzy


Hello micmar, I cannot imagine the pain you are going through, I hope you soon find relief.

I take 30mg of Nortriptyline (worked up from 10mg per night over 3 weeks) and I find that it helps me to sleep.

It stops me having cramp, muscle spasms and restless leg syndrome. Like you, I tried Amitriptyline but could not tolerate it.

Nortriptyline is an antidepressant but the therapeutic dose for depression is much much higher (I think it is around 200 to 300 mg) but it has been found to be helpful for the reasons above, at a lower dose.

i wish you all the best xxxx


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