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Cortisone Injections vs Fusion Surgery..Hmmmm

Good Morning Everyone,

For those who don't know my story and are new here, let me give you a quick quick overview of how it started. I am 6 months post op of left knee arthoplasty (knee replacement) and i've been dealing with severe lower leg pain for the last 30 days. After a trip too the ER for DVT, xray's were taken and another orthopedic surgeon saw that the lower plate was abnormal in the left knee (which means the hardware maybe loose. very very rare case btw) Please do not let this scare you if you are having TKR or considering it. I went to another orthopedic doctor too discuss the new findings......Now, let's fast foward.

While sitting with the new ortho dr last week, he puts me thru his routine exam and while examining me there was discomfort in my back (which i've been having btw attributed too the knee and hip pain which causes me too walk different) the Dr sends me to get an MRI and Xray. Yesterday i'm back at the Dr's office along with a lumbar surgeon to go over the MRI. Here are the findings.....Two bulging discs in lower back, Bilateral Hip Osteoarthritis and L-5 Osteoarthritis which is clamping on a nerve. The Dr says "this is a slam dunk" we need to do a "fusion" procedure or get you a cortisone shot too relive the pain.

So there you have it guys, this is where i am. By the way, the dr told me that we'll discuss my hip treatment at a later time....pfft...oh boy!

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I have not had my knee surgury because I know too many that it did not work. I get cortisone shots in both knees every 3 months. and keep going. Some days are better then others but I just keep taking ibprofen and Tramadol. I take a half a pill of the 50mil. It isn't as bad as yours but I can't think of having the operation. God has been good to me and I'm sure He is good to you also. I'll pray for you.


I think definately try injections first. Some people find they work brilliantly for some time and hopefully you may be one of them. Lower back problems can effect buttocks, hips, thighs and knee's and sometimes feet so you've got a lot to deal with. Like me im in chronic pain from the waist down. Finding relief is hard but we can all relate to what your going through right now. Wishing you all the best with those injections. X


For sure try injections first. Fusion surgery is major surgery. Always take the least aggressive option first.


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