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mr t baynham

been diagnosed with a slipped disc at the base of the spine pressing on a nerve effects walking numbness in buttocks and feet then a burning feeling at the base of the spine started getting this problem about 18 months ago put it down to age 72 had the mri scan waiting to see a spine doctor nov 6 has there anybody out there had the same problems with any ideas how to make this problem any easier

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Your GP should be suggesting medication to get you through until you see the spinal consultant. Has he given you anything ?


It may be that you have one or more nerves being irritated. This can cause numbness and burning sensations. Dee is right, your gp should be supporting you with pain relief in the interim. Is it a surgeon your doc has referred you to? Have you tried a hot water bottle or heat pad? That can be very comforting but don't leave on more than 10 mins and wrap in a tea towel if its not got a cover. Ice can also help, a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack, again wrapped in a tea towel and only 5 minutes. But clear with your doc first, because I don't know what the actual problem is and I don't know if you have any other medical conditions.


You need pain medication as this could be with you forever. No quick fix unless a consultant eventually wants to operate... I have had this and know how painful it can be get back to the doctors and ask for help. good luck.


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