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Torn Hamstring - 6 mths on

Hi everyone, I tore a hamstring in March this year when my left leg went into the worst spasm l have ever experienced. This was after l had had a PFO done - a closure of a hole in the heart -; it was so bad that l had to have 2 shots of dia-morphine; didn't know at the time that l had torn the muscle.

Anyway, has anyone on here ever had this happen to them, and did you still have pain 6 mths later; pain obviously not as bad as it was at first but still bad enough to wake me up at night.? Also l'm due to have a Total Hip Replacement at the end of October, also on the left leg - and wondered how this damaged muscle might effect the recovery.

Any advice gratefully recieved.

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Hi Sima1952,

Commiserations to you!

My problems are similar to yours but reversed in that i had a total hip replacement in May. Everything went fine until about 7 weeks later when my stick skidded and I slammed my operated leg down so hard to save myself from falling that I also tore a muscle and ended up in A and E! I'm now having private physio sessions because my muscle has been so weakened. But I have to say its not painful.

I would suggest that you make sure that your hip replacement consultant is made aware of your damaged muscle. It's really up to him whether he goes ahead or not.

Also, if you do have the op (which isn't nearly as bad as you think it's going to be!) make sure you have plenty of physio from a COMPETENT physiotherapist.

Good luck!

Anna x


Hi, thanks for the support. I shall certainly take on board your advice about the physiotherapist. I have let various medical people know but l just get the feeling they're not listening. I think l shall contact my friend who works in pre-op assessment dept. - she's a Nurse - and see what she says; l know l can trust her. :-)


The muscle spasm will not be good for the recovery.

I had a muscle spasm in the right biceps where the muscle went solid. I had a tear in one of my tendons. Painful for over six months. Pain sorted out after a two week course of Erythromycin. Erythromycin has anti-inflammatory properties.

It takes time for the bone to grow and hold the new hip fast. The issue of the muscle spasm needs to be discussed with surgeon. You do not want a muscle spasm repeat just after surgery.

Hope this helps


Hi John, hope you have now made a full recovery. Your comment in the last paragraph about the spasm, is what is really worrying me and although l have mentioned it when l spoke to the surgeon, l just get the feeling that no-one is listening to me. I have the Physio Dept. Tel.No. and will call them and see if they can bring it up in with the surgeon.

Wish me luck. Sally


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