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Hi everyone I'm new to this site so I don't really know what to say other than I'm a 51 old with a few things wrong with my health. Back in 1984 I had a laminectomy on my back when two of my prolapsed discs at s1 were removed after being in agony for over a year. That lasted for a while then another slipped disc came along in 1994 which had to be removed in my pelvis so that was another 3 discs and on my first operation my nerve was pressured which left me with a dropped left foot which I have to this day. The second operation was a discectomy which left me full of beans and rearing to go that lasted up to 2007 when yet another disc was on its way out but unfortunately nothing can be done just keeping me going on drugs and making sure I'm asleep when my pain rears it ugly head. So that's really enough about me I hope you get the gist of what I'm all about and I'm looking forward to hearing from see of you .

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Hello and welcome on board Kermit.

You can post questions or worries you may have. Rant if you feel the urge. Always someone around.

We don't have the answers only our own experiences but there's a welath of that.

It is a good forum and hope you find the hel[ and advice you need.

Pat x


Hello Kermit77

Welcome to Health Unlocked. I hope you enjoy using our site and I am sure you will find your fellow users very supportive.

Best wishes.



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