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Personally I have never used cannabis however I am very interested in its use in medicine especially related to helping those with cancer and those with chronic conditions like fibro. Petitions don't seem to get seen and so don't get many signatures but there must be thousands of people who might be helped by medical prescribed cannabis so I thought I'd share this petition. I have heard many fibro sufferers say it helps them

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  • Hi my pain specialist was going to put me on cannabis tablets but I said no because of the side effects but now I should have said yes because nowhere my other meds are no longer any good I'm in pain 24/7 whaling to go back to see if he can find me any new drugs that will work

  • I take cannibidiol which has no side effects. Medical cannibidiol doesn't so go for it if you are being offered it.

  • Thanks for that when I see pain specialist I will ask for it any thing that helps with the pain I will try special now with my other meds now stopped. Thanks again best wishes pete

  • Hi, I have been trying to obtain anr trial Sativex spray via my NHS pain management consultant and GP but they both claim that in my area there is a blanket ban on any NHS prescription for Sativex unless you have MS.

    I would be very interested in where you were offered cannabis medications and whether that was NHS or Private.

    Kind Regards

  • I believe medical cannibidiol is being prescribed in certain areas such as MS on the national health.

    I take it for chronic pain and would be without it.

  • I had no idea you could get anything like that prescribed on NHS. To be honest I'm left to sink or swim I get very little support. It's gabepentin or amitryptalin and neither helped the pain so don't take them. But every day is a struggle and there's only so long I can keep up with how I'm managing. Trying for a little one at the moment so not the time to try new meds but I will bare it in mind for the future. I have heard many saying they couldn't be without it. Thanks for your replies

  • I'm not sure why the petition calls for legality. Its legal to buy and use cannibidiol in the UK already.

  • Done! And thank you for adding it to the site. The endocannaboid system in the body is being studied and the early research is exciting. Holland has international cooperation/agreements with lots of countries to supply pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol for medical purposes but not the UK. For goodness sake, I'd like to know who is blocking that one! When Dee told us about it I bought some paste on the internet but decided it was too dodgy so I am seriously considering a trip to Amsterdam to visit one of their pharmacies. Apparently one of the difficulties is the delivery method and so I think they offer it as an inhaler over there. Anyway, I'll let you know all about it if I ever get there! 😜

  • I'm curious as to why you thought it was "dodgy" ? Its being used all over the world to treat various conditions including epilepsy in children and MS on the NHS in the UK. The only problem anyone has ever found with cannibidiol is with the THC element. Cannibidiol has no THC in it.

    I trust it absolutely and wouldn't do without it now. No addiction though. It just helps my pain and inflammation.. I take the oil as 4 drops under my tongue which is held for 3 minutes then swallowed . it works in about 20 minutes.

    Its a pity you don't trust it Boozybird. I do feel you are missing out.


  • It's all very interesting. Just to note it can cause placenta to not work as well in pregnancy so don't use if ttc. But otherwise very interesting, we all respond differently but I have to admit I'm struggling to hide my pain and exhaustion. Something that can help would be amazing. I do accept working full time is going to have to change. Already left my career :-( pain flipping sucks! I certainly would rather take something like this than the other meds they try you on as long as long term effects have been considered.

  • I just replied and then it disappeared. So annoying.

    Thanks to your post about your experience I really want to get some just not off the internet! That's what I think is dodgy not the cannabidiol. 😜

  • I live in France and I have tried to get sativex prescribed by my neurologist which is a mouth spray based on canabis but the government can't agree on a price with the pharmaceutical company.

  • Hi, I share your interest in medical cannabis for pain control although as yet I have been unable to obtain a prescription to trial it for myself.

    You may find the following websites of some interest and help.


    Hope this helps

    Kind Regards

  • I have a 70 year old friend that never used cannabis either until she got breast cancer last year. She was told by a coworker to take the oil. She took the oil each night and refused the debilitating medicine for cancer. She would have been fired if they knew she was taking it, but it totally cured her cancer.

  • I would very much doubt a cancer cure I m afraid but if your friend is feeling better that is the main thing. Nature has so many cures and remedies hidden in plants. We are only just learning to use them.

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  • Thanks so much for posting - I suffer from chronic pain following shingles (post herpetic neuralgia) and the only medication which helps is opiate based and has very nasty side effects. If you haven't already done so, I'd load the petition on the Facebook fibro page and also try Post Herepetic Neuralgia pages too and I'm sure you will get a positive response.

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