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Swollen wrist

Yesterday when I was doing the back to school shopping my right wrist really started to hurt along the left side and swelled up. It really hurts when I try to turn it to the right palm down. I'm on crutches 24/7 because me backs knackered with ddd, spinal stenosis,crumbling at the bottom of me spine the nerves are in hyperdrive which causes pain and weakness on me left side down me leg ect. Anyone got any ideas I haven't fell on it and find remember banging it. I hope it's nothing serious cause I find it hard enough to do stuff I won't be able to walk at all without the hand as it takes most of the weight as me left sides weaker. Everything happens at once me daughter's just been diagnosed with ADHD so I've got to deal with her aswell as being in pain and on enough meds to kill a horse ah Jazus I'm ranting now sorry. Sue

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If the swelling on your wrist is near your thumb as confused as to which side you are talking about you could have an inflammed tendon in your wrist, I overstretched my wrist tendon a few months back whilst playing football, I got the ball kicked at my hand (not on purpose) it hit my thumb side and my little finger came close to touching my arm, I went a&e the day after because I thought it was broke because it got bent so far around they did x-rays and told me that it's a sprain with the tendon, and can happen in the future from no injury where my wrist will swell up, I might be totally wrong but since you said your on crutches 24/7 thought it might be an inflammed tendon, not a diagnosis just thought I'd put my own experiences in to a reply, hope this helps and hope your wrist gets better soon,

Take care,

Siobhan x


It's on the inside along the little finger have already had carpal tunnel op a few yrs ago so it's not that me Han as well as me wrist is swollen. Typical just when the kids go back and I'm gonna be using it more. I'd say it's something to do wish the amount of weight I've to put on it as its my stronger side. Thanks hun xxx


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