Both feet swollen

I'm becoming concerned about my feet swelling.... I have sciatica latest episode started with left leg pain about 3 weeks ago... MRI shows severe spinal stenosis with severe left leg pain, burning tingling, the whole 10 yards.... left leg and both feet numb. I was given a prednisone injections in my hip with a dose pack over a week ago but was taking 10mg for about 3 weeks before the injection with no real help and the only thing left was pain management 'narco' which is helping me move around a little better but I notice both my feet are swollen now, really bad at night and they go down a little while in bed... Showed my GP my feet and she didn't know what to think but I feel it might be due to the prednisone? I also take Gabapentin and diclofenac... anyone experienced swelling of the feet/ankle with back pain?

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  • YES!!! To swelling with the Gabapentin. Actually, pretty much from the waist down. The doctor who gives my nerve block injections refused to give them last time because of the fluid retention caused by the Gabapentin. He said steroids also cause fluid retention, so I think the prednisone could also be an issue. It's certainly been known to cause weight gain. I was told diclofenac is an NSAID, so I wouldn't think that'd contribute to the swelling. Have you tried wearing compression stockings?

    I suffer from back pain for other reasons, but I do believe I have some stenosis.

  • Hey Flaminga, I just read where your doing nerve block injections. How long have you been doing those? Have they helped? I was doing research on that.

  • I have two knees that need replacement. I've also had back injections. With my left knee, it was like I has a brand new knee for a while -- close to miraculous. With the right knee, not so much, but I think I may have some nerve damage there. The thing is, the results are not that long-lasting -- I think the relief lasted a few weeks. The thing to do is get a doctor who really knows what he's doing. I'd had cortisone injections before, but the doctor didn't use X-rays for proper needle placement. Even though the results were relatively short-lived, I felt it was worth it.

  • I have both knee replacement already. Awwww so pain at all there. When i wanted on for my right one back in 05 they said i was to young might of been earlier . I told my Dr. to cut my leg off then, he said your not serious I said yes I am. Pain meds weren't helping. So he gave me the knee replacement. My sister had some nerve shots an they have helped her but was in her neck. I've had the cortisone shots they used the xray machine to get the needle right. It didn't help. I've had two cervical fusions from c3-c7 an need another one now from c2-c7. Got ruptured disc t9-6 t-12 an L1 L3. oh yea scoliosos mild. whiplash right now from a accident on 6-23 along with two shoulder injuries, need rotor cuff repair an shoulder replacment in the other. thats just to name a few of my issues along with the bilater neuropathy

  • Oh you poor thing that's a lot to cope with all at once. You must be feeling so fragile right now. I do hope they sort you out soon even if it's to just help the pain. X

  • It is I'm hanging in there. I go see my new pain Dr. Next Monday yay. There going to put me back on what I've been taking for the last 5 years. If my current one decided to screw me over I would have stayed cause I don't like looking for a new Dr. But my pharmacy told me about this one and I ended up knowing the office manager from my old PC from 10 years ago. Will be nice to see her.

  • I mistyped the knee replacement did get rid of my pain in my knees. I can sit Indian style now. My favorite position to sit.

  • Grief that is LOT to be going through. Please let me know how you are?

  • HI, Well I finally found a pair of support socks that goes to my knees that fit me an I've been wearing those an there keeping the swelling down better. I wear them most of the time except when my legs get to hot an i have to take them off for a bit.

    I've been having bad days that is why I hadn't responded till now. Thank you for responding an asking how i'm doing.


  • I know many people complain the injection didn't work although they claim it was great for awhile makes me think we are re injuring ourselves just saying maybe we think that the injection will also make the problems go away but it won't.... I think the injection pulls the swelling down which is what's causing the pain in the first place and after the injection not to just go right back to doing the things that caused the inflammation in the first place..... Look Guys, our bodies are deteriorating as we age esp. the spine... so if we injure it, before having surgery to create, add or remove something think about reducing the inflammation like in anti-inflammatoriese.....

  • Flaminga, were you taking steroids also with the gabapentin or are you pretty sure it was the gabapentin that caused your swelling?

  • No steroids except in the injection that wasn't given.

  • Thanks you Flamingo, I will be looking into Gabapentin and hooefully getting off of it

  • I got the go-ahead today. I was told to reduce by one capsule every three days, but I guess it depends on how long you've been on it.

  • Thanks so much my friend ;-)

  • You are most welcome. :)

  • Hi ruse

    Yes you're description sounds just like my symptoms also,

    Except my left foot and leg and markedly worse than the right,

    Both very painful with tingling and numbness, .. Recently had lower back MRI,

    Still waiting for results,

    I have had a HA a few years ago, and thought it was due to heart failure .

    But my cardiologist says it is not, so that's how I got onto the journey

    Of finding out what the cause is, my lower back is very painful, have difficulty

    Bending and getting up.

    Keep us posted .. As I think I will get the same diagnoses as you, and end up on pain management ... As if the nerves are involved .. There's little that can be done I'm told.

    Good luck


  • Hi Rosey, my left foot is more swollen than the right also.... sense my doc was looking puzzled about my feet swelling the only thing she could think of was to send me for an ECHOgram... I asked her if she would let me try lasix 'water pill' which she gave me and I took yesterday... this morning after peeing all evening both my feet swelling is completely gone but I still put a small chair under my desk to put my feet up. I'm really hoping the fluid will stay gone but we will see... I haven't really looked into it but the prednisone somewhat takes the job of the adrenals which sit on top of the kidneys... the kidneys job is to reabsorb fluid, just a theory not sure about this but I can't help but to wonder... I also feel that the Gabapentin also cause fluid retention which I could be wrong

  • HI the Gabapentin does cause water retention bad. I couldn't walk 10 feet mine was so bad skin was cracking open from the rentention. I use to take water pills but only in severe cases now if a pill makes me gain water i use them to get the water off faster. I took a muscle relaxer after my shoulder surgery an it made me gain water so i can't take those no more either.

  • Hi, I will tell you all a secret that helped me big time with my neuropathy in my feet. I was unable to walk due to the pain was in a wheelchair. I now have a spinal cord stimulator oh instant gratification. I walked out of that surgery that day. Best thing I ever did an i've had it for 11 yrs now. I probably will be doing a newer one later this year.

  • Wow Sassy, you have to tell me more about this... an RN working the ER was telling me she had a temp one and was very satisfied with it but I didn't have time to get the details and had forgot about that... any info at all will be much appreciated.

  • Here is there website

    They are using this to help Alzheimer's and paralyzed ppl as well.

    If wasn't for this I would not be walking. It can manage 4 different areas on your body for pain.

    On the website you can find Dr. In your area Ito.

  • Thanks so much SassyZee ;-)

  • There is another manufacturer but there not as good as Boston Scientific

  • Hi Sassy,

    Can you please tell me exactly what this procedure is?

    I like you have great difficulty walking,, find it hard to find shoes or sandals that I can actually wear, mainly live in flip flops, which is not ideal

    I will be having a consultation shortly , after a lower back MRI,

    I would like to be able to discuss this spinal cord stimulator with him

    Thank you 🙂

  • HI roseyuk, Well first of all stop wearing flip flops worst shoes made ever for feet. When i was first diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet I was seeing a foot doctor. He made the mold for the shoe inserts an my insurance paid for the shoes an the inserts. only certain manufacturers make extra wide shoes some make xx wide too. One is new balance but please wear tennis shoes with padding they are easier on your feet. Walking barefoot or flip flops,house shoes they have nothing to keep you arch up or any support for you foot at all. When you first talk to a neurologist who specializes in the Spinal cord Stimulator they are done in steps, you have to see a psychiatrist an pass a test, if you pass (use common sense an you can pass)that you go to the trial procedure for a week an if you get results they will schedule the permanent implant of the SCS. check out there website they gave me back my life ...

  • Thank you Sassy,

    I have recently bought a couple of pairs of new balance trainers, and they are so light and easier to wear,

    I'm still waiting for an app with my foot surgeon 6 weeks after my MRI of my lower back,!!

    Also had an MRI of my neck last week,

    As having pain there and dizzy spells,

    That was arranged by my GP though

    Seems reduculous that we have to wait in pain for so long after these tests, for follow ups.

    I have called his secretary and she says yes it's flagged to recall you,, but when ? I asked , probably up to another 2 weeks,

    Meanwhile I'm given Tramadol for pain which do not suit me,

    And I have a husband with advanced parkinsons whom I have to care for

    Many thanks for you're advice

    Hope you are as well as can be


  • Hi RoseyUK, am so glad you got some good tennis shoes. You will see a difference specially if used in the house to. I make everyone take shoes off when they come in but I have other shoes for them to wear if they want. I have one pair of tennis shoes I keep strictly for the house

  • Hi nurse 1946, I think these swollen feet are something else that we have to cope with when we are taking a cocktail of meds for back pain. Mine are like puddings at the moment. I have found that drinking more, then I`m peeing more helps, also if you are not as mobile as you used to be doesn`t help. I try to move about even when I`m indoors, I know it`s not easy when you are in pain. Another tip you could try, when you are in bed raise your feet up by putting pillows under them, I`ve found that helps. Anyway good luck.

  • Thank you so much Maggie ;-)

  • Gabapentin can cause swelling in your feet, ankles and legs. That is why I can't take it.

  • Were you only taking the Gabapentin Sassy? I really appreciate any lite you can shed on the gabapentin because I was really blaming the prednisone???

  • Besides my pain medications and vitamins. I wasn't on no predisone. They call the water retention an adverse reaction not a side effect. I told him I don't care what you call it I'm not taking something that makes it impossible for me to walk. I stopped my cholesterol med cause it caused leg cramps in my sleep. My neurologist told me if it was him he would stop taking it. I told my PC about the cramps he would not change it so I stopped it.

  • Good for you Sassy, yeah we have to take control as much as possible of our lives I guess is why I want to try the epidurals for my back pain... I turned down back surgery they wanted to do the plate and screws 9 years ago and evidently after some time my body healed itself I know we jump to getting relief/surgery or whatever it takes..... cholesterol drugs after working cardiac ICU I would never take unless certain circumstances but for the average person I wouldn't consider... I remember folks with very high cholesterol levels didn't have heart attacks/disease

  • Nurse, i've saw on Dr. Oz where it is proven in England I believe that high cholesterol can be good for a person an doesn't lead to strokes like they use to think. But who knows now adays. I do have some calcification in my aorta don't know how bad they just found it on my last ct on my shoulders.

  • Hi Sassy, working cardiac ICU for over 30 years I saw no need for statin's nor did I care for the way the work in the body I've had patients with extremely high cholesterol levels that didn't have heart disease so I'm old school on that one and would never take them... I too have calcification's in my aorta but I'm no spring chicken.... If I were in my 30's I'd worry, just my views

  • HI Nurse, I appreciate your view on that topic very much. I hate when Dr. think just cause they say you need it you have to take it. Since I stopped that medication that particular leg pain stopped. Now just to find a cure within myself for the water retention. lol An not just rely on water pills that you can't take everyday in my eyes cause we have better things to do than just sitting on the pot. haha

  • Sassy, I have found that eating a Ketogenic Diet has helped me so much with fluid retention also brought my blood sugar down and so many other thing just by getting rid of the old fluid we carry around that's really not needed plus I lost weight

  • Nurse, I will ck into the Ketogenic Diet. Is this also a low fat diet? I have gastroparesis limiting my fat intake at one time if i over eat to much fat in one sitting my IBS flares up ..

  • I used to take Metanx it helps with nerve damage I took it for a year. My finances got where I could not afford $58.00 a month. But it did definitely help. When I get my finances back in order I will go back on it. Your Dr has to prescribe it. My former neurologist put me on it But he isn't practicing right now but my PC would write it. Don't get it from your pharmacist. I got it direct from there pharmacy (the manufacturer) there cheaper.

  • Yep! My right foot, and calve go up and down. I think it's connected to nerve impingement which causes hellish sciatica. I'm not on Gabapebtin so that may help you rule that out 🐸

  • Yeah now that is interesting Sorebones ;-) like your name..... Wee I couldn't figure out the swelling I figured it would have to be a problems with my kidneys or my heart causing the fluid to back up... I know nothing about bones, disc in the back etc. I ha a bad nerve impediment L5S1 along with the swelling and having back surgery is the biggest mistake I've made so far...

  • The impingement gives a great indication of swelling etc. My right leg is the worst one. There are times that I can't do up my boot on the leg! Even looking at the two feet shows the right one bigger than the left. Crazy!

    Just found out that my right hip is bad with Osteoarthritis too which doesn't help. I'm pleased you appreciate the name. Sums me up really lol.

    Hope you get relief soon, and I won't be pushing for surgery! So many people have had bad results that it has put me right off the notion 🐸

  • Sorebones, I am really into building the immune system back up to try and avoid some of these chronic disease processes as we age, like we know our bodies are deteriorating and we know it starts at birth don't really notice it until we start to age and things start to break or cause us pain... I have found some of the simplest thing we eat can build our immune system back like eating sauerkraut, remember butter milk from back in the day, real butter and not to eat anything processed so I had to go back to the kitchen and like today I'm cooking cabbage and I can't really cook from the ground as I call it... like Google 'what foods build the immune system and be shocked...our bodies can't do the chemicals in processed foods, when we were younger our immune systems were stronger and could fight back... I'm 69 and refuse to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life... I'm on a Ketogenic Diet along with fermented foods and it has lowered my blood pressure and blood sugar right off the bat.... I make my own capsules with Turmeric/black and red peppers 'cayenne' and notice I can make a tight fist without discomfort and that tells me my arthritis which is an ageing disease is so much better and is proof to me that we have to go toward holistic medicine to heal our bodies and it's dirt cheap.

  • Freshly cooked food is always good! I love cooking so processed foods don't feature often in my diet. I've always taken a pride in what I cook. I can't stand what I call "ping cuisine", otherwise known as ready meals. I find them tasteless and mostly over cooked. I think if I gave my hubby ping cuisine he would have the men in the white coats round immediately lol.

    My dad had the philosophy that "everything in moderation" is the best way to live, and he made it to 90. I agree with him.

    It's more about eating healthily in my opinion. It's so sad that many people don't know what real food is 🐸

  • Wow! I agree with you completely Sorebones ;-)

  • Thank you sore bones, lone your nickname ;-)

  • Thanks! Kind of sums it up lol. My main area of pain is osteoarthritis which I have had since my early 30s 🐸

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