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Pins n needles

Hi everyone.both my feet have got pins n needles wouldnt mind but can't go to sleep 😨

I wouldn't say it's painful but bloody annoying.done my meds ages ago n still no sleep second night this week 😭

What to do, bugger all, as everyone asleep like normal people.

I touch my base of my foot vibrate vibrate God why tonight why now may my soul rest tonight

Goodnite all but may not be good night to me bloody feet

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Oh no. Not good. Have you spoken to your gp about your symptoms? I recently got diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome which cause pins and needles. I find when it happens at night I need to get out of bed and stretch.

Keep smiling x

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Yep I had to as well I get amitriptyline for things I got a dehydrated bulging disc so I think n hope it's that but will do when I see em nxt still got it now tbh

Yep smiling best remedied takes more muscle to frown than it does to smile πŸ˜‹


I have pins and needles in the feet I'm told the cause is my lower back pain


Pins n needles bloody things but even more annoying is when your trying to sleep it a pain in the axres does yours hurt cause I can imagine it cud hurt giving the chance to that is


No real pain but when its really bad the pins and needles travel up the front of my legs


Do you get insulated numbness I get it jus above my right knee it hurts that like a sting or something I mainly get it when I lay Dwn sometimes usually through the day


had this since xmas last year both feet and toes are numb and tingling having test still waiting for a letter to come walking does not help sitting and laying in bed is awful i have to wait till the amitriptyline works every night take mine at 8pm and some nights i still waiting at 2 am for them to kick in


Hopefully you will get to the cause of it.Yep the amilltripllyn takes a while to kick in its worse when u are waiting for it to thoy to work

Some nights. I can't sleep jus seems my feet or body thinks it's on the move

But mustnt let it win. or thinks it won.


Pins & neeedles are usually caused by low B vitamins. Doctors research shows this.

I take vitamin B12 1000ugs daily by FSC and Citrate Magnesium 400mg by Solgar.

Please read Doctors research


I look in to it thanks is this caused by the meds by any chance


Is it pins and needles or resless feet syndrom?

If it is the latter.... I take a hot water bottle for when I am cold, but also a hot water bottle which I leave in the freezer until frozen and use that in the night when the feet and legs start playing up.

may sound mad, but it helps me.


That sounds a good idea tbh yep cud b restless leg cause with it I had an almighty thought to kick my feet which is a no go either way thoy

Pins n needles n needles n pins bloody annoying if you are trying to sleep



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