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Alexandra techniqui

New girl on the blog!......had both hips replaced now left with chronic pain in lower back due to osteoarthritis, Took all the usual painkillers for 10 yrs Naproxen Tramadol paracetamol..amiltripiline..diazepam....taken off them all due to them causing problems with my Pituitary gland, which in turn affects the thyroid etc...

I have now been practicing the Alexandra technique and also pilates Has anyone else been given this advise? Lynda x

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Pilates is one of the forms of exercise that is often recommended for people with bad backs. I've used both Alexander and Feldenkreis techniques in the past (just random exercises that work for me). Seems to help minimise stress on joints if you use your body in the right way.


Feldenkreis has some lovely movements - great technique.. 😜


Hi,you think Alexander technique would relieve pain a wee bit? Is it hard to learn! X


Must read post with my glasses on thought you said bog not blog



Can you expand the question. I have 35 years plus of Alexander Technique and engage in T'ai Chi activities. Do not know pilates, but can relate exercise to Alexander Technique.

Look forward to your detailed questions.


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