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Not going to amputate but I am going to find a way to do more of what I want to do having CRPS

Thank you for all your replys and information with regards to should I amputate or not. It was very good info and now I have made the decision to work with what I have and to try and get stronger and fitter in appropriate ways while having CRPS . Not sure yet how I'm going to reach my goals but I'll start off slow and then work up when my body will let me. As I have already had the CRPS move and transfer around my body and to my other leg and hands feet and shoulder and even after having two teeth out to my face. NO AMPUTATION for me and thank you for all your info.

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just take it slow but you have to accept that some of your goals my be unachievable doesn't stop you trying but makes it less depressing if you can't get there.


if you amputate you wont solve your problem because then you will have to deal with the pain of phantom limb...he brain stillexpects messages fromthe limb and when it doenst get any interprets the lack as neuropathic pain which is hard to treat.


Thank you for your reply, it makes sense I no. I was just weighting my options up. I recently had two lumps removed from the back of my head (only lumps) and I was told two stitches but I ended up with eight, it is now 9 days afterwards and it hurts so bad, it gave me a wake up call about how much things hurt when you have CRPS ! Big time!

Anyway, thank you for replying and making more sense of senseless pain


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