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Hi all just to let u know that she has found me not my address but we're I moved to she has been arrested and charged, I have had two operations one was on my shoulder the other one was to have my jaw wired they also broke four of my ribs I'm also black and blue more or less all over my body they are moving me out off hospital and into like a care home so they can watch me and care for me I think the hospital is sort on beds

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That wasn't the news I expected to hear. How the hell did she know where you were? And why did she come after you?

At least now the police are doing something



Very sorry to hear that you were hurt. At least the police are taking action now. You will be looked after and hopefully soon on the mend. Good luck and keep us updated. God bless. X


Your now in the best place. Good for you in getting help and i hope that life in general will be happier for you. Please keep in touch to let us know how your getting on. X


That's not good - I hope you get all the care you need in the next place and the police do their worst with your ex.

Onwards and upwards Peter

Take good care



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