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I done a bit of detective work on this Ahole found him out by emailing him/ her or more than likely them.

Asked a few leading questions and GOTCHA they won't be coming back soon.

This is the only problem with the WWW there are a lot of fraudsters on it. You have to be very careful

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Hi just wondering who is William Frank?

jimboriley52 in reply to sianr

Nobody knows for sure. But he is a scammer

I thought he was dodgy. He left a random message on one of my posts. An email address and offering help with loans. What the?...... Glad he's gone :)

Thanks for that

And the worse thing you can do is to email them! Other than take out a (non existent) loan of course. Because now they have your email address which they will happily share with all their fellow spammers! So your in box jimborily is probably going to go into meltdown 😝

jimboriley52 in reply to dtech

tech I realise that but I know the difference between scams and the genuine emails. How? If it sounds too good to be true, then it always is

zanna in reply to jimboriley52

Can always get a new email address to investigate if you think it's dodgy and close it down, No more spam or scam.

HU ae usually good at picking up scammers. Maybe they missed this one.

When you have been scammed in the past as I have,you instinctively know when another comes along. Well it did with me

thanks for that I think that there should be a button on here that allows us to report spam, I sent him several messages asking him to remove his posts but except for that I could not find a way of getting him to stop, thanks for your work on this problem.

Regards Poppy Ann.

No problems Poppy it happened to me on EBay and it was almost in the same style as our friend Frank and operating from Nigeria. I got suspicious when the one on EBay wanted to send the laptop I was selling originally to the USA then at the last minute they wanted it sending to Nigeria. I informed EBay who confirmed my suspicion.

I then started to chat with them and let it slip ( yes they are gullible too) that I worked for MI5 !!! Suddenly the emails stopped. I wonder why. 😎

I had a letter from someone in China saying my uncle had left money in a bank account before he died. They were asking me for help to claim the money when I looked at the envelope it had a 62 pence stamp on and was posted the day before I took it to the local police station this was the 2nd of many

Hi Yes you have to keep a good look out for lots of emails are phishing attempts I have had several that look to be from Paypal and a couple that looked like they were from my bank as the emails show whatever they put as from it can be easy to think that they are from the correct place but if you hover the mouse icon above the "from" box then it shows you what the "real" return address is I normally just forward them to who they appear to be from then just click that they are spam and that is that until they change their email address again then it all starts over again.

It is time the big email providers started to block the addresses if several people reported that they were phishing attempts I doubt it would take much work on their part to do it.

thanks again Regards Poppy Ann.


Thought frank Williams was sonmething do with F1 lol

Seriously scams are a big threat now been scammed before and it's a awful feeling

Yes he is to do with F1 but not the one you mean. His is F##K EVERY1😁

Hidden in reply to jimboriley52

Like it lol

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