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why does wearing certain slippers cause pain to come quicker in neck

What I have noticed lately, is that when I wear my slippers with woolly inlay, somehow brings on my worst pains in my neck ,I think they cause pressure on my soles that irritate certain nerves in my neck, is the effects like reflexology , you know how they say massaging your feet and therefore relaxing certain nerves in your body.

I noticed for two days that in the nape of my neck and between my shoulders the pains came on so quick, and my feet felt so bad, so I stopped wearing these slippers, and lo and behold the pains went in that area, (at least it took longer for them to appear) I'm curious if anyone else finds the same thing...Best Alex

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It could possibly also be that the flatness of the slipper soles means that the way you are standing is putting your whole spine out of alignment and making you hold your head in a more tense way. Something that perhaps an osteopath could advise on.


Hi there,

I have found out that the height of the heal changes peoples stance which in turn can either help or increase pain in my back and neck if I wear shoes or slippers which have above a 2 inch heal that they reduce the amount of pain I get, what happens is that the higher the heal the further forward your hips are and the straighter your spin is which cuts the pain felt, I would advise that you give it a try get a pair of clog type of slippers that have a couple of inch's heal and see if it helps I know for men it can be hard to find footwear that have any heal above a inch but it is worth looking a bit silly if it removes the amount of pain you get I never wore any shoes with a heal then one day i tried a pair of Dr School clogs which had a 2 inch heal and the pain dropped as soon as i put them on so since then I try to buy shoes which have a couple of inches.

hope this helps

Regards Poppy Ann.


Thanks poppy I will look into this, and I do think you are correct ,best Alex

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Possibly the flatness or heel of the slippers. I had something similar about two years ago, this was just from an additional insole in my shoes.


Same problem here before I found out ai had dropped arches despite no pain in my feet. Once I had a biomechanical assessment and wear Orthotics it made a huge difference.


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