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Advice Required

Hi all

If you have been reading my posts recently you will be aware that last Sunday I slipped getting out of my shower. I really hurt my arm yesterday I went to A&E yesterday to find I have broken my elbow.

My question is that about 2 years ago, when I was discharged from Hospital I had a visit from the Physio therapists who assessed my home for any adaptations to be carried out.

They said they would have my bed lowered and handrails fitted in the shower area also they would give me a walking stick. I received the walking stick and a follow visit how to use the stick.

The handrails where never fitted and now I have a broken elbow. My question is how can I ensure that the rails are fitted now?

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If you have the money I would say best bet is to get them fitted yourself!

Things very tight now to get anything from social services.

I wanted rails in bath after I moved. Had ones fitted by social services in old house. In this property chose some small towel rails and had them fitted as hand rails.!!


Hi get in touch with OT and tell them what has happened they should sort things out


Occupational therapy dept. you need to get in touch with them. That is their area of expertise. You may have a long wait and they may try to fob you off . I had to wait about 11 months to be assessed and then about a couple of weeks for a firm to come and fit the rail. But some counties are quicker than others. And as you have had a fall already, you prob won't have to wait so long.


agree, get in touch with OT department. Be very clear that you were approved them some time ago, and your recent accident would never have happened if you had had them fitted when you were told they would.


Hi there.

I went to my GP, she put in a referal to the local council. A OT came round to discuss what they could offer. I had rails fitted within a week. One of her recommendations was to have a wet room and a stair lift. Two months later all the work was completed


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