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does anyonevfeel as I do or am I just ratty?

I am riddled with o/a have had four knee replacements yes four! My hip needs replacing also.i manage with a struggle to work. I try to stay pleasant but at times I dont know how to cope any more with pain 24/7 I take codiene asci hallucinated on morphine.the one thing that drives me mad is when people 'help' with suggestions of tightening up my kneevwith a screwdriver when I explain it feels loloose.maybe they find it funfunny.i however at these points do not I know what pain is and how it feels when my knee gives way.i can laugh at myselfvi am nit a prude but now and then I would like some respect for what I have been through and indeed how I feel now. Am I being unreasonable ?

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I don't think that it is funny at all. I had 6 same knee replacements in the span of 2 years. I will forever have some residual pain there. It's not hurting anything like it used to though between injury and getting it fixed. It's the best thing that I ever

did for myself. My knee is so well cemented in there that it won't move hopefully but every now and again it feels like it's slipped. It feels a little off. I would be upset if people said to take a screwdriver to tighten it up. If you need to talk to someone about any issues I am here...same situation as you. replaced many times. '


Thank you so much di h mind me asking how okd u are?dud you havevreplacements cyz of o/a


I am 48. I had the replacements at age 45,46. I was playing soccer and one really well placed kick blew out my knee and broke off some of my femur bone tip. Getting it replaced wasn't an option but I had to wait a little bit to get some swelling down too. I didn't have a knee for months at a time between sets. It wasn't fun. I had a pretty athletic legs at that time so it was easy to make a recovery for me. It was not easy to escape pain. I get a tinge of it now and again. It's not loose yet but they keep checking for it to be. I have some back problems keeping me right down right now. I am awaiting to go back to mayo clinic.


No your not being unreasonable sometimes people don't know the right thing to say so they digress to humour and yes its not what you want to hear and when pain drags you down and physically it's so hard but mentally thats the hardest challenge ,when it gets to the point we don't feel in control the little things we can normally cope with can become an irritant we become increasingly frustrated and can become angry at people for their lack of understanding and we want them to feel even a little bit of pain so they can begin to feel what your life is like , sometimes we need to look at the ways we normally cope and go back to basics to try an make ourselfs feel better its a vicious circle rhe worse we feel emotionally the lack of control pain increases tolerance decreases and our mood gets worse . Chin up pettle have a huge hug x


I dont think its a lack of respect but more as they dont know what else to say. Sometimes when someone feels so down it doesnt always help to be too sympathetic because it can make that person feel worse which is why there trying to make light of it. Im sure they really feel for you and would love to help but there is nothing they can do. Dont be angry with people that dont understand as not all of us can amagine what the other is going through. That is why we have sights like this, to communicate with people that do understand. X

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You are not alone, I tell people that I cannot stand and talk too long as it gets really painful and when I try to walk away it's agony I get told try some heat pads etc; I am on medication Gabapentin and co-codamol but find with the latter I can only take 1 and that doesn't help much and if I take 2 I cannot function. I get really grumpy some days and even shout at my hubby, luckily he just looks at me and says "it's bad today isn't it" When coping with pain day after day and people saying silly things like I know how you feel I have OA in my thumb I often feel like saying to them try having it in your back knees and feet and then I think how wicked I am.


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