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Post herpetic neuropathy

hello, I'm new to the community . After 4 Years of constant pain after gallbladder Surgery l have have recently been diagnosed with post Herpetic neuropathy. my chronic pain Consultant was fantastic. She BELIEVED me! I wasn't going mad , I wasn't making my pain up . my treatment to stop the nerve pain was lidocaine patches . They are amazing . They anaethetise the nerves over a 12 hour period. and then the patches are removed for 12 hours. I'm also on Pregabalin 300 mg twice a day. the only fly in the ointment are the side effects. Poor concentration , memory impairment, clumsiness and Word finding problems. Would love to hear of your experiences regarding Post herpetic neuropathy after gall bladder surgery.

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Hi allyballybee

I am new to this forum and hoping to find some help along the way. I have ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia as well as a host of other problems back, arthritis etc. I am 51 but feel like 81 some days. I have resisted asking for a referral so far to the pain clinic as I am sick of taking pills. My GP has mentioned Pregabalin and saw your comments. are your side effects from this drug? I already have fibrofog (poor memory) so don't want to worsen this.


Jo x


Allo my lovely, i know how you feel taking tablets but i would really urge you to consider asking to be referred to a chronic pain team/service. Pain is their speciality! I thought, like you that i would be told to take more tablets but in my experience the consultant and the nurses were so good. They took the time to listen to my experiences, they didnt dismiss me and they really knew their stuff. I had to filled out pain questionnaire and this is then examined by the team and then the treatments can be discussed. I have pain patches that are prescribed monthly and i was reviewed 6 weeks after i started them. The nurse practitioner was lovely. I explained that the plasters helped so much. She said that if there were any problems where the effectiveness of the plasters lessened then just to let them know and they would put me on the chilli patches. Unfortunately i moved to isle of wight in january so i have had to get new referral to a new chronic pain team to make sure that i can keep being assessed/reviewed regularly. Good luck !


Hi allyballybee, thank you for your response. I think I will have to take your advice and get referred to the pain clinic. Its so frustrating as I don't know if my pains are related to my back problems or since having my hip replaced in 2011. I, having a bone scan to see if the hip implant is moving which is causing the awful pain down my leg, but I seem to be becoming less mobile as time goes on. Ive just had to give up my job in healthcare which I studied for 6 years to get become qualified. My gp says to pace myself with the ME but the consultant says I have to exercise with the fibromyalgia. in my darkest days I think is this my life now, like I expect many of us do. You can so easily see how people go over the edge!

Again many thanks



Good for you my lovely, asking for a referral to a chronic pain team will at least give you a second opinion! And hopefully they will be able to give you their advice and expert knowledge in the field of pain. Remember that you can only feel your pain! What you will find is that you will not be judged by the team. They will also be able to give you coping stategies about pacing, gentle exercise and will tailor your treatment to you and your opinion should be considered too.


Thank you allyballybee x


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