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Hi ,I'm new to this .I've been having a few health issues, for a year now .it all started with a mole on my leg ,was removed an harmless .I started having pains in my stomach ,lower back an a gland at top of my right leg.I've had blood tests ,nothing showed ,even been tested for Lyme disease. Recently had keyhole for endmentrois, that was clear .no one knows why ,I have these pains .any info would be great .thanks

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HI linz welcome to this site. I was wondering if the pain in your stomach is coming from your lower back? Have you had mri or ct scans around that area yet? I have a fractured vertebra which causes chronic pain but i find that when its flared up big time i also get a stomach ache. I also find this when i have an upset stomach it makes my back worse. With low back pain the refered pain can go into the groins, hips, thighs and knees. Just a thought????

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Time to start investigating for possible muscle control problems.

This is the area of the chiropractor, yoga teacher, Massage therapist Alexander Teacher etc.

Muscle control problems which lead to poor posture can cause a great deal of pain. This problem is poorly understood by consultants and Gps. Pain killers will not touch a muscle control problem.

Hope this helps.


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