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Dietician on Tuesday 10th 2015

Well I went to her and she was horrified that I had not seen anyone since 1994. I have coeliac disease and Oral Allergy Syndrome and means I cannot have wheat, rye, barley, dairy foods, alcohol, herbs, spices, soya, apples, pineapple and onions also nothing with too much aspirin in [salicylates] like rhubarb and cucumber. Plus around 30 other foods. First she looked at my Creon and said that in 1993 I had been put on too low a dose, that of a child and I should have had four times the dosage. next looked at my food list of what I can have and said "I had to live with it but that with higher dose of Creon she felt I would be better". She is also writing to the GP to get the Coeliac foods put back on prescription, I only needed three packets of Orgran Self Raising flour and a packet of spaghetti and penne each month. No bread, biscuits etc as I am allergic or intolerant to them. I cooked some scones the other night following a recipe of mixing flours and had an attack within ten minutes. [Buying foods off Amazon since last April after being taken off foods I had on prescription for over 24 years.

Attack is when my Blood Pressure flies up and bangs in my head as well as thumping in my ears. It is horrid.. I have not got hypertension as such merely allergic reactions in that my BP goes up, I can shake, sweat, legs shake etc.

A question does anyone else suffer like this with hypertension caused by food allergy and intolerance?

I live on the east coast of England

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I've definitely heard of people having that kind of allergic reaction. Have you thought about joining one of the allergy associations? They can give excellent support and information and you may well find someone who is going through the same as you.

As far as the coeliac prescriptions go, I think that is terrible that your prescriptions were stopped and I'm glad they have been reinstated. I'm really lucky in my area that my GP can prescribe pretty much anything I want, though like you, I have additional intolerances which mean that only certain gluten free foods are OK (I can't tolerate maize at all).

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I am trying to find a book with it in or someone to get info and reassurance from. MY doctors and the TIA consultant says 'it does not exist'. Well if I get it, it does says I to them. She can only advise the GP we shall have to wait and see if they do it. I do belong to Allergy UK and have done since it started but they cannot help and neither can Coeliac UK who are only interested in Coeliac and Osteoporosis who are only interested in giving tablets for it...all have lactose in and so I can't have them though one GP retired, said I might not tolerate them anyway.

If you know of anyone who might talk to me, let me know and I can message my email address privately. I live on east coast of UK by the way.


There must be websites online where you can get better support and info than you will find on this one. Best wishes.


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