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I am new to the Group. I finally realized I have chronic pain and that is is not going to go away by itself. I have constant pain in my back, hips and knees. I am very overweight and becuase of the pain have been doing less and less exercise. I had my hip replaced at the end of December and I still have pain with that. I know that I need to loose weight but I also need to get some physiotherapy or just learn to deal with the pain. Any advice would be appreciated

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Hello runanammanccam

Hope I got your name right.

You are very welcome here. Support, help, advice and rant if you want. No one judges you as we have all enn in similar positions.

Firstly - you said you had hip replacement in December? Did you get given exercises by a physio to do? These must be done for 6 months and longer won't do any harm. This will strengthen the muscles around the joint together with lower leg. David had his op early October, was pain free immediately after and can feel how much stronger his leg is.

Have you been referred to the pain clinic? That is the first port of call. The will offer you advice on a whle range of treatments. TENS, physio, diet, acupuncture, diagnosis if there is one to be found and of course pain relief meds. It can be a long process getting the right cocktail but worth sticking with them. They don't come any better qualified to deal with chronic pain. They will also work in conjunction with your GP who will prescribe meds they suggest and hopefully support you too.

Hope this is of some help. Oh yes - are you in the UK?

Pat x

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Here you can find a lot of information but unfortunately it's up to your gp or physiotherapist.... I was not lucky. Gp was saying it's gonna pass eventually and NHS physio was just talking. 18 months on still haven't seen or heard anything from pain clinic even was told that I've been referred.

The real benefit I started to feel after going to Pilates for three months. I'm the bigest one there. I don't like to look in the mirror but I feel better after every session. It has taken away stifttiness and bit by bit my body gets flexible.

I found difficult to reduce amount of food, food is my comfort. I don't really like veggies but I started to have apples and grapes, it fills the stomach. And taking one teaspoon of sugar less for my tea at the beginning.

I know it will take time and I hope that I will have the strength.

My best wishes to you,


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