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I am 54 years old and am struggling to hold down my job due to stiffness and pain in might ankles, knees, back during or after a shift. It got so bad that I struggled to get out of my car due to stiffness. I have seen my G,P and have been perscribed co-codamol which I take when I need. which is becoming more regular. I am trying to find a new job that I can do that makes my symptoms less severe.

I would like to know if anyone has found ways in reducing this stiffness and pain, I love to take hot baths and find these help. Are these symptoms a prelude to another illness i.e arthritis etc

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Hello lawrence63 and welcome on board.

This stiffness could be the start of some other condition but we can't make a diagnosis.

If meds your GP has prescribed aren't helping then go back an tell him. Some stronger ones can make you sleepy though. There will be a balance.

What you can do is ask your employer for 'reasonable adjustments' to help with your condition. Somewhere where you are sitting or makes you less stiff. If you do get a diagnosis then, by law, your employer must do this.



Hi Lawrence

It could be a number of things but if I were you I would ask your dr to send you to see a rheumatologist ... there they will check you and help you further and don't take NO for an answer!

It is okay to keep dishing out pks but not dealing with the cause will cause further problems down the line.

Healing thoughts x


I get stiffness particularly when the weather changes. I find a daily swim helps tremendously and traditional acupuncture.


Check your vitamin D blood levels lawrence63, my stiffness, getting up out of chairs and bed in the morning, lower back pain and more ailments were all down to vitamin D deficiency. 3 friends/family I know with knee problems have tried all sorts with no luck to help cure their knee problems, then found taking vitamin D3 worked. 2 reported it worked within a day, my stiffness etc., also went almost overnight.

85% of us in UK are either low or deficient in vitamin D, many say their bones ache less in the warmer months, (remember, vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin.)

Not saying it works for all as we are all different.


It probably is arthritis that is making your body stiff. It happens to me when I first stand up after sitting for a while. See your GP, ask to see an orthopedic. You may benefit from muscle relaxers. Have you fallen recently? Even if you fell, and did not feel pain, you can still have effects from the fall. Get checked out. Get a professional opinion. Don't give up until you have the correct answer. Apply for disability if you feel you may be in danger of losing your job. I did at 56, after a fall while mopping the floor. Turns out I have spinal and cervical stenosis, 5 neurological disorders, no cartilage in left knee, plus anxiety and depression. Five years later I am retired on disability. Don't wait until you are wheel chair bound before applying for disability.


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