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Advice needed

I'm 20 years old to start with.

I'm Getting fobbed off by doctors a lot now and I know when I'm not well and things arnt right.

I'm suffering back pains on a day to day basis, stabbing chest pains every now and then, feeling light headed and fatigue, constant headaches that won't budge for days, can't finish a meal, coughing up bits of blood and loosing small clumps of hair. Clearly it's not right.

Any ideas of what It could be or what I could do????

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Hi beccybaboo,only thing I can think of is have you had your Thyroid tested.


typical doctors you can phone up your surgery manager and explain the problems you are having i did this and got results or go to your hospital or complain to the medical board .i also phoned nhs direct they are very helpfull .i understand your flustration let me know how you get on ps i have an underactive thyroid and never had the problems u have you should not be coughing up blood me i would go to the hospital .

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Have you been tested for Lupus? You are young,but it is not unheard of,if you are coughing up blood you need an x ray to rule out so many treatable conditions, the hair loss could be connected to an auto-immune problem, of which lupus is a member, change practice,change Dr's. Complain, it's the only way to get results. Good luck, and keep in touch on here, we are always glad to support a new member, we have all been there and done that !

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First thing to do change your practice if the gps are rubbish And bloody complain have a go I do sod them its your body your the one who's sick fair too many fob of by gps


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