Why oh why did I do that for ????

Why oh why did I break the code do not send a text to your ex

I feel a bloody idiot now desperate soul I'm feeling really low not sleeping much Pain is really hurting me as I'm typing this my fingers are hurting all I said what that I'm still sick and it's getting worse

Bloody fool feel free to have a chuckle it's free on me

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  • Waste of 10p lonely and sad can't even pick myself up listening too music I'm scared of having another sleepless night try to get some comfort the dog is giving me funny looks he knows I just wanted too talk too someone tell them how I'm pissed off with being ill thought I was strong guess I fooling myself yet again I don't mix well with people anymore all the mates where work mates and Iost contact with them all anybody that shows friendship I push them away I say nasty things don't answer their calls I did it with my wife BPD I think it's called someone once said and it stayed with me "your end up a sad lonely old man" guess what I'm here I lose myself in books just to escape the pain of being ill all the time I feel really screwed up since childhood once spent the summer holiday play "the smiths" Lp's I could relate to them they saved me when I was younger

  • Hi and yes we all do stupid things. I write to people on the internet emails and then regret it. I have sleepless nights cos of that. Wishing I had not done that etc. What can you do? You don't say your age but I suggest joining U3A, find out about it in your library. It is great if feeling alone. Books you say...what sort and do they lead to a hobby? Like if you read painting books then you could paint etc. I teach Tai chi and that is wonderful and don't worry about body pains cos all my club is disabled in some way anyway. Be glad each new day means you are alive and don't lose your days in history. If you need more help by all means just private message me via this site.

  • Bloody hell I've just looke at what I wrote last night don't even think I was In a good frame of mind texting the ex wife lol and no she never rellied I guess having a house was enough from me haha ha

    I'm 44 years old I play a guitar which is a great form of unwinding but now my hands are getting stiff and painful looked at that website you said looks really good for older people I was reading a book week just finished Lucy irvine castaway now I'm reading box of delights found it in the house got it for Christmas back in 1984 after

  • I was secretary of Skegness for 5 years and loved it. I now teach counselling, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, Tai chi etc and honestly don't have time for U3A but still belong. It is the best thing that happened to me at the time. Best wishes and if wanting to send emails or anything similar again don't put the address in beforehand. Then you can send it into the ether.

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