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Just to add to my numerous other symptoms - I was wondering if anyone was suffering from sores in thier nostrils that just won't heal? Is there a connection between this and my other symptoms? Currently I have unexplained swelling of my joints especially my fingers which swell like sausages and are very painful especially in the morning - also my knees, ankles, elbows etc .... I have posted about the swelling on here before and was told by a couple of people that it may be linked to the morphine I am taking for my herniated lumber disc which will be operated on soon. I am seeing a rhumatologist soon about the swelling but the sores in my nose are getting worse - I have had them for over a year but with all that was going on I just pushed it to one side but now I am wondering if it could be a sign of something?

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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To deal with your sore nose just use KY jelly. It will be soothing. It will not irritate and it is safe to use with oxygen as it is water based not petroleum based like vase line which should never be used with oxygen. Rib


Thank you Rib. I know it probably sounds like I'm being a baby and moaning about something insignificant but what I was really thinking (and asking) was if this was maybe linked to my other symptoms and indicative of a similar problem someone else was experiencing? A long shot I know but I feel there is something underlying here that has yet to be diagnosed? I just get the feeling this is just part of a bigger picture. Maybe I'm just thinking too much or reading into things too much ...?


Take photos of those swollen fingers just in case they have gone down before you see the rheumatologist - it could be very important for them to see what they look like in order to get a quick diagnosis.

As far as the nose ulcers go, I always find I get them when any autoimmune stuff is flaring (for me its coeliac disease and ankylosing spondylitis). I definitely had them loads before I got my coeliac diagnosis. If they start feeling like they are infected (hot and red) then ask your GP for some nasal ointment, otherwise, just try to ignore them and don't irritate them further. If your nose feels like its getting too dry, make sure you don't let the air in your house dry out too much - try putting a bowl of water near heaters, so it can evaporate and replace some moisture in the air.


I have had sore in one nostril for five years, in the end I asked my GP to send me to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who prescribed some steroid drops and hey presto the sore has gone. If it comes back will ask for more steroid drops. I understand where you are coming from and it does get you down with the fact it never goes away. I am due to go back to specialist in May . Hope you have some luck with getting some treatment.x


I have COPD and last summer I had sores up my nose tried everything to get rid they were very sore but Vaseline helped me


I agree totally with earthwitch. Naseptin antibiotic ointment (from GP only) is brill for nose infections. I get them ALL the time. Do take photos - brill idea. Great you are seeing Rheum Con.


Thank you everyone for your replies - maybe it's just my immune system is down but I will mention it to my rhumatoligist and then my GP if I get nowhere with him. I still have a feeling there's a link somewhere but sometimes you can overthink these things .... Maybe some steroid drops will do the trick. As I have said to my friends - I feel like a crappy Ikea wardrobe that is dismanteling itself piece by piece hahaha! Many thanks all xx


Have you tried Nasacream. If not mix : turmeric, best menuka honey, almond oil, drops of tee tree oil, keep the skin moist, buy turmeric capsules in Amazons and have on or two. It works.



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I don't know if you have considered Bowen Technique for your problems. I can highly recommend it. It is a light touch therapy which often gives miraculous results for all manner of conditions and musculoskeletal problems. You can find practitioners in Yellow Pages.

About the sores in your nose, it could be an infection in there so your GP might be able to prescribe a special cream called Naseptin, or to do things properly, might take a swab to see what bugs are causing it. Minor infections like this can also be a sign of diabetes so getting your blood sugar checked out might be a good idea. It could also be drying of the membranes especially in winter sitting indoors with the heating on, so making sure you drink plenty of water might help. I have found that a couple of drops of tea tree oil in some olive oil applied with a cotton wool bud helpful.

I hope something of this will be helpful and I wish you very well very soon




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