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I was just informed that I have both crps@fibermyalgia.... How do people deal with the pain? Mine seems to be getting worse @ I had to leave work and go to emergency room to get a pain shot cause the pain@ burning is just too much to handle... I read an article on here that had a message for family members and others that I was impressed to see @ like... I just read the symptoms of both and the crps (Comlex reginal pain syndrome ) I have viewable syptoms . Spelt wron I know : ) The fibormyaligia is the pain I feel all over... I dod not even know you could have both at the same time... How does a relationship with your partner servive this pain?

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Hi Mariah, so sorry to hear that you have CRPS ( do you have type 1 or type 2) on top of Fibro. I Fibro, arthritis and a couple of other medical conditions that cause additional, high level, pain. My partner has CRPS in his left leg after having surgery for a spinal fusion and the placement of a titanium cage to provide support for his vertebrae. As you have probably worked out, our pain levels are fairly high to say the least. Luckily, as we are both affected, we can understand more clearly, what the other person is going through, although I don't think he fully understands the fatigue that Fibro brings with it.

I would say the most important thing is to talk. Talk about how you feel, how the pain is affecting you etc, but also talk about the things that the pain is preventing or causing difficulty for you to do.

We are also lucky in that one of us is has a bit of a pessimistic approach to life, whilst the other is most definitely an optimist. Between us, we manage. Each of us tackling what they can on a daily basis and sharing the load. Hugs to you.


It takes time to get used to new things. Making friends with your pain, giving it permission to be painful all help in acceptance, which help to reduce the pain slightly. You tube has many pain meditations and they can give you a bit of time away from it. They may take a while to get the hang of it, so stick with it.

Relationships are tricky. Your partner will go into mourning for the you you used to be. This is natural and must be allowed to happen. Family and friends will go through it too. All will be at differernt stages, which is tough on you, but when they all reach acceptance, things will improve.

There is plenty info for your partner to read, there are agencies and charities that support sufferers and their families, and there are agencies and charities that specifically support carers. Even if your partner is not directly involved in your care, this may help him to see he's not alone, give him space to voice his fears, and maybe get tips on how to help you cope. He could attend your dr appts with you, and ask anything he's bothered about. Often helpful for you to have someone looking in on it. If he can focus on being rather than doing, that helps too. Being there, being a friend, being happy, being thoughtful, considerate and being himself. Don't let him get caught up in trying to do things to help the pain. That's a downward spiral into despair.

He needs to be strong too as you will be taking out all your anger on him. He needs to know it's a normal process and has to let it happen and not to take it personally.

It will change things amongst your friends too. You may loose some, and those you thought weren't really good friends turn out to be the best. Again this is normal.

With pain, it's very much a suck it and see approach, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to therapies. Gentle exercise like yoga or pilates - start with a remedial version will help your body generally. Massage and aromatherapy will help you relax. Meditation can help reduce the pain short term. Sometimes the feelgood factor from these and others is enough to keep you feeling human.

It may sound a bit gloomy, but in time you will settle into a routine and as your anxieties lessen as you learn more about it, you may reach a point where it's tolerable and everyone around you knows what you need to get through the day.


Mariah where are you. The UK is the only country in the World where when CRPS goes full body they change the diagnosis to fibro and CRPS pain is higher than fibro pain in fact it is the Worlds Most Painful condition.


You can have fibromyalgia on top of any other condition.

Fibro is damage to the central nervous system (due to any physical stress/trauma) that remains with you along with any other acute and chronic conditions.

It amplifies these underlying conditions.

It will be a journey, but we are all here for you if you need help. :-)

Hugs XGlenys


hope just know we can win this bat Rsds.org CRPSux!complex regional pain syndrome ....also known as RSD reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome is really a pain in ...but very important to treat ASAP finding Dr specialty pain management to oversee all meds complications & prevention helping find comfort what works for you I've had 14yrs I pray for you & everyone sharing... Awesome info sites RSD.


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