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A update . I saw spin specialist today follow up.and he thinks it is my hip and is sending me too a orthopedic surgeon and hopefully a Mir will be ordered. Now just have too wait for the doctor too send out appointment , hopefully it won't be too long .but I'm thinking a few months at least and mri even longer. Anyways thanks too all for your replies. Take care all

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Hello al1959, that's good news things are moving along. For none urgent appointments the wait is several months usually, especially now Christmas is looming, but on the plus side they usually arrange the MRI for the same day as your consultant appointment, but be prepared for a long day at the hospital. Hope your appointment comes soon so you have an idea how long it will be. Appointment letters take about three weeks to a month to come out so every best wish for a healthier new year, pain free fingers crossed.


Oh that's good sorry I'm late only just looked at the updates on my feed glad your getting somewhere at last


HI, sorry you have to wait for MRI the last time was 2 years ago when I waited 18 months, they kept sending cancellations. One morning I had an appointment for 11.30am and just ready to go, the phone rings and NHS said your appointment as being cancelled. I waited a further 3 months then they found I got liver kidney disease. I was told they get me appointment for further tests and that was 3 months. I just don't know if even we are in a third world country with the help I needed. And it must be for many more in this country. Years ago we never had this problem and everything went smoothly, and the waiting times was excellent. It makes me wonder if the country is been forced into privacy hospitals.

I know a nice lady 82 who has had a new hip replacement and she surprised on how versatile she has become and now she goes on walking groups around the countryside which is an inspiration for all,

Good luck and I'm sure when you have had it done you will be a complete new person without the pain of your hip, Please let us know how thing went but not the hospital meals!!!!!!!




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