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Hello everyone. My name is Pen. I am new. I'm 29, and I have suffered with chronic pain since I was 21 and recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have other chronic illnesses too. I make my own soaps and candles and I recently started guitar lessons. I would like to meet new friends and chat with people about their experiences. I'm fairly new to learning to cope. I have had very little help so far with this and had to find a lot of things out on my own. Anyway thanks for reading.

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Hello Pen and welcome. Lots of good advice here from people with a wealth of experience in all aspects of chronic pain. How it can affect you, your life and those of friends and family

We don't have answers - just use how we have adapted or changed ur lives so as not to be completely ruled by pain.

Having said all that - there is a forum specifically for fibro sufferers. Have you have a look there to see if you can get answers? I assume you will have many questions!

Meantime happy to help on any way I can. Have you been to a pain clinic and spoken with the team about managing pain?

Pat x


Hi Pat

I am newly diagnosed despite being in pain so long. But my first appointment for the pain clinic is in December. I haven't got much longer to wait.

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Good well there's lots of advice here on do and dont do when you go.

Can help if you want?



Welcome Pennyguin14,

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain are listed symptoms of both Low Thyroid and Vitamin B12 Deficiency. My Fibromyalgia and chronic pains were cured once I was optimally medicated, but I had to keep pushing my Doctor to increase my thyroid meds if I had not done so I would still be ill on the dose my Dr wanted me on and still have fibro all over pains and tiredness.

Many think fibromyalgia pains are incurable, but not so as some fibro is curable and some isn't.

If your Fibromyalgia is down to (not saying it is,) vitamin B12 Deficiency or Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism,) getting diagnosed is sometimes difficult. Doctors are reported/known to over look or miss your diagnosis. So many are left with Fibromyalgia not knowing it is curable. (not saying this is you)

There are also forum sites on here HU for both Thyroid Uk and also PAS (Pernicious Anemia which is also for B12Def.)

Have you had any recent bloods done ?


Hi yes I had bloods done many times but last one was a couple weeks ago and all was normal. So it's just fibro. Nothing exciting.


Hi Pennyguin14,

In the thyroid and B12deficiency/Pernicious Anemia world, members say ''there is no such thing as 'NORMAL' thyroid or vitamin B12 Deficiency Bloods.''

We never except 'NORMAL' (bloods) as a result from our Doctors as sadly Doctors are well known for missing or overlooking too many Thyroid and vitamin B12 Def. patients (patients who have presenting Fibromyalgia/CFS/Thyroid/B12D symptoms.)

Idea only - What were your actual blood results ? - Ask for a printout of all your recent blood results and ranges done and like many thyroid/B12 D patients do now, post them up on both Thyroid Uk and the PAS forums for members to see if you are one of the over looked B2D/Thyroid patients. Many are first told it is fibromyalgia, then later find it is down to either low thyroid or B12 Deficiency or can be down to both as thye can go hand in hand.

I had the Fibromyalgia and the Chronic Fatigue symptoms too, exercise resistance, etc., but all went almost over night once optimally medicated.

Please don't accept 'so it's just fibro' nothing exciting. Penguin14, :) as you might find your fibro to be the curable fibro, many of us get and CAN cure. :)


I know what my results are. And I'm NOT posting for all to see. It's really none of anyone elses business. So id really appreciate if you back off with the thyroid stuff. I am fine. I have multiple tests done over and over. So i don't need someone else trying to diagnose me as something else. I have fibro. That's all I need to know.


I Have had all those tests done. And they're all clear. It's really none of your business to insist I have something wrong with my thyroid when I do not.


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