Osteoarthritis ouch

Osteoarthritis ouch

Hi everyone just a quick story suffering from this disease is the pits the pain is Un beleavable been on all the pain killers then for some reason it all just stopped was off all pain mess with huge trouble of cause it all started back up after hip surgery 4 months ago then panic anxiety .doc has put me on palexia Sr 100 mg morning and night problem is they don't last 12 hours 7 at most then I feel like I'm in a withdrawal but it's just pain I think my question is why the he'll can't we take them 3 times a day to stop the lows .

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  • Hello Braddo1972, understand what you are saying. Only your doctor can sort that one out for you, maybe that's the maximum dose allowed in a twenty four hour period. I top up my main painkiller with another painkiller when necessary, as do a lot of others with osteoarthritis. You could contact arthritis research on line see what they recommend for more severe pain then speak to your doctor. Doctors prefer to use the lowest controlling dose so if it gets more severe they can increase the dose, if that makes any sense to you. If I was you I would try top up paracetamol to control the pain till you can get it sorted with the doctor. Pain can be a very downing symptom especially when it's none relenting, every best wish for a quick solution.

  • Sooo sorry you are suffering so much. I do know the pain of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis...chronic bone pain is ghastly and as you say, gets you down when it's all the time. I have tried all sorts of things and hopefully one day there will be something that actually takes all the pain away....wouldn't that be brilliant??? I do wish you luck....if you get something that works will you post it so I can make a note of it for my doctor...please :)

  • Hi braddo sorry to hear you are suffering with this horrible illness too I too suffer with it I'm awaiting a knee and hip replacement and im only just 50! I've been in agony everyday for over 20 years now my doc is brill tho she's tried me on numerouse pain relief but sadly none work for me she sent me to pain clinic and they gave me a lidocaine infusion that didn't work either I had my second appointment with pain clinic and they said there's nothing they can do for me as I need surgery so hear I am still in agony and still waiting well I hope you get some relief soon and I hope I get my new knee and hip soon too x

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