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My name is Eva i am a young adult in my 20s with Osteoarthritis

having osteoarthritis is a pain because it hurts my right knee when walking and going up the stairs

i feel its like rubbing the bones against one another and feel like the bones are moving together

i take painkillers and that helps when i was abroad my knee clicked which means the bone clicked and it was painful. i would love to hear other peoples stories that are the same just like my problem

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Hi hope you are ok. I too have osteoarthritis, the pain is immense sometimes and the joint stiffness and muscle spasm are not nice. I have OA in my knees, hips, shoulders and back. Thus the muscle spasms. My knee at first felt like some one was stabbing me with hot long pins. it frequently locks. I struggle with stairs. Fine on the flat but even this can be a problem some days. I have found bathing in Epsom salts immensely helpful. A cup full in a hot bath. Soak for fifteen mins and then get out before you have been in the bath for 20mins apparently you reabsorb the toxins the bath takes out if you are in longer than 20mins but you have to be in at least 15mins for it to work. It is amazing the amount of relief this gives. It was the first good nights sleep I had had in years after this.

Infra red heat lamps also work and are not too expensive so look for one of these. And yoga and swimming also help. No joint weight bearing exercise as this will aggravate your condition.

Good luck. I also have arcoxia for anti inflammation and take pain killers when needed

All the best


Hi evadiva, Yes I understand your problem. To be suffering osteoarthritis at your age must be limiting. I also suffer with it in my seventies. It has been getting steadily worse for the past ten years and knees are bad with bones rubbing together, as you say. It is also in my back, wrists, fingers and feet. I also take painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen and try to get as much exercise as possible, but stiffen up badly if I sit for more than 30 minutes. You should be able to get a knee replacement as you have many years ahead of you and this disease only gets worse. have you spoken to your GP about it?


Thanks for the nice comment you sent me


Hi Evadiva,

Really sorry to hear you are suffering so badly with your knees.Have you had any treatment yet to help with the pain, or just painkillers ? You are very unlucky to have OE at your age, and you need to make sure you get the best treatment to make sure it doesn't ruin your life.Have you been referred to the pain clinic yet ? I have been going to the clinic for a couple of years and have just seen a new consultant who is brilliant.I have had a proceedure called, bilateral pulsed radio frequency on the genicular nerves.It was only done last week, but the results have been incredible.If you would like to know more about the proceedure, let me know and I'll take you through what it involved.

Good luck


Hi thank you for the nice comment you sent me i will pass that on to my mum


I too have Osteoarthritis in my Knees, neck, back, hands, feet and hip. I get quite a bit of pain going up and downstairs, cannot get comfortable in bed because of the hip and knee pain, and I am so stiff when I stand up after sitting down for a while, I feel embarrassed at the hairdressers when I am asked to move to the sinks because everyone is looking at me and I have to move so stiff and slowly I feel ancient. I have seen a Rheumatologist and an Orthopaedic surgeon, but want to avoid operations. I decided to try Yoga, Tai Chi and walk as much as I can . I take Paracetamol, other pain killers have horrible side effects, so I use Ibuprofen Gel which does help, I also take Glucosamine and Ginger which I think helps too. It is a shame you have it so young but I am sure if you try alternative therapies they should help you.


Have you had MRI scans to determine what stage arthritis you are, if so which if you don't mind me asking?

I saw one reply saying to get a joint replacement, all I can say to that is DON'T! I see many people that have had joint replacements, a large number don't go that well and people still have the same pain, but the main reason to not have one is that you are far too young.

On average a well looked after replacement joint lasts around 15 years and you can then have it done once more, with the same life expectancy. After that they can not do any more, so you either have a very painful, near useless knee or worse.


I asked about the knee replacement. thank you. I am sure the doctor would give that information once Eva asked. I did not know about the life of the replacement but thank you for telling me. I have been thinking of going along those lines myself but would not want to find myself unable to walk at all at eighty odd!! Mind you , at the rate of my knees worsening I may get to that before eighty! We live and learn.


Hi Eva I've also had osteoarthritis since my 20 s due to a bad accident I've got a lot of metal in my left knee and no cartailidge so it's been bone on bone I'm now 50 in a couple of weeks and my surgeon is trying to make me wait as long as possible for knee replacement as the other lady said I'm too young they only last 10 to 15 years I'm waiting for pain clinic appointment my doctor is brilliant she's now sending me for X-ray on hips as I can't lift my leg and I'm in agony all the time I've also got oa in most of my joints it's not a nice disease but got to get on with it there's worse people about than me ! I'm on a lot of pain meds but still in pain hopefully pain clinic can help anyway if you just want to talk or ask anything feel free to message me will try to help x


Hi Eva. Are you doing exercises to strengthen your leg muscles? The air chair is a good one for your quads. You don't need to hold the position very long to feel the results. You stand with your back to the wall and then gradually slide into sitting position but there is no chair there. Let your pain be your guide and don't go through pain. As your muscles become stronger it will become much easier and you will be able to hold the

position longer. Stronger muscles will keep that kneecap in place. Good luck. I hope this helps.


Yes Kimster the doctor gave my mum some sheets for me to do in the house but some of the pictures in the sheet that i need to do for my knee is hard but i am doing the easy steps x


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