Pain Concern

Confusion CP or CPRS

Confusion CP or CPRS

But not by those who make the diagnosis.

I think there is confusion.

This is the best explanation I have come across.

For me the diagnoses of cp has been an airy fairy affair. I have had little help or explanation from those who are suppose to know.

The best help came from the pain management course that I was lucky enough to be offer.

i struggle to find a way to explain to others why I am such a wimp these days with little energy.

I look the same me on the outside so why can I not walk the same walk.

Or even talk the same talk.

The cognitive abilities are dimming as is the memory.

Be nice if said memory could forget to fire the pain signals to fight a fire that is no longer alight.

Dream on!

And keep on.

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Couldn't even get that right.

CRPS whoops.

Yea confusion reigns here.


It is very confusing but that seems to clarify things thank you for sharing


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