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Does anyone get neck pain when they have migraines?

I have chronic migraines, but the neck pain is very new. I don't have a fever but I was just wonder if anyone else has this issue. I usually get migraines on the left side, but the migraines are on the right including my neck pain.

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Hi there. Sorry to hear you are struggling with neck pain and migraines. I suffer from cervicogenic headaches which are a result of the problems I have in my neck. I get constant neck pain, and get little relief from medication. I find gentle exercises, heat pads and massages help a but. Good luck x


Thank you lots hun. I'm going to try the heating pad idea(: because the massages I do aren't working for me.


With some people before a migraine starts the neck muscles start to tense. With these people by stopping he tensing of the neck muscles the migraine does not happen.

The tightening of the neck muscles in the neck interfere with the blood flow to and from the brain and thus cause a migraine. There is also a knock on effect in that tensing of muscles in one place leads to tensing of muscles in other places.

It is worth having a look at the Alexander technique and see if this helps prevent your migraine attacks.


Thank you lots for the information and I'll gladly look towards the technique.


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