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Weight loss


Good morning everyone!

As I seem to have gained a lot of weight since taking pregabalin, I was wondering if anyone has any slimming world booklets / info, they do not need, as I was told this is a good, sensible way to keep weight under control, and even to lose a few pounds. I know I cannot keep increasing my weight at this rate, even though I do try to walk as much as I can, so I would be grateful for any help.

Mant thanks


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I've recently had gaba increased again and am certain it's causing weight gain. I think I read somewhere else here that it tends to increase the appetite - specifically the munchies, and I really believe that to be true now. I have a very sedentary lifestyle and manage on 1000 cals a day (not rigid on weekends...) but I have dropped all refined carbs from diet, so basically have fruit, veg, milk, and protein with main meal. I do eat potatoes and occasionally bread (homemade) and thats about it!

You might try joining a local slimming group, whilst they are not to everyone's taste (forgive pun) the information flow is good.

Given the choice between pain or gain...well, I'll just have to start drinking things black ! :)

Good luck.

Slimming World is brilliant, with great recipe books and very tasty food. I font have anything as I just did what my daughter was doing, she was a member. The groups seem to be a good support. The bottom line is low fat and low sugar. I came to disagree with the low fat as with my problems I decided a bit of oil for the creaky joints was necessary!

zanna in reply to Calceolaria

You actually need a certain amount of the correct type of fat. It is the catalyst that starts the energy burning process. Nerves and the brain are made from fat too, they need fat to make fat.

2720hoc in reply to Calceolaria

Thank you for the information calceolaria, it is appreciated. X

I use noom. It's a phone app and computer programme and brilliant for weightloss. You get a free option and a paid option. I use the free one and find its enough, theres friendly forums and the staff are very interactive.

You log your height, weight, age, normal exercise level. it works out your calorie Intake to loose 2lb a week. So far its been spot on. If you do more exercise it increases your calorie allowance.

you can do your own diet with it. And every once in a while, it gives you advice, ideas etc.

Food is catagorised into red, yellow green and you can see the mix each day. The best combination is 1/2 green and red /yellow split evenly. There's alot of werighing and measuring to begin with but it saves your specific foods so you can select them from the list.

It looks at changing your lifestyle to reduce weight and develop healthy habits of exercising too.

I started using it in February and I've lost 10 kg.

And if you miss a day or two, you get a lovely message from them.

The noom business is involved in making aids that help people with medical problems and so far have introduced apps to hospitals in America to be used with diabetics.

Give it a go, it's fairly straight forward and fun.

2720hoc in reply to zanna

Hello zanna, I have logged onto noom, and find it very good. Thank you I will be using it...hopefully I can keep my weight in check. Will keep you updated...if you wish that is. X

zanna in reply to 2720hoc

Hi hoc,

I'd love to know how you get on with it. I've found it very helpful.

2720hoc in reply to zanna

O.k. Will let you know.


At last.... Some hope! Thank you so much, I will look into it straight away!

Hi, I subscribe to the Yours magazine. They are on line as well and have a very good slimming club which is very reasonably priced. It's all online. The Hairy Bikers also have a club going online and I see people are getting very good results. They are very much into eating "real" food, steak and kidney pie etc, etc, but adjust the ingredients. I am also looking at what is available as I have a stone to shift. All thanks to this dreaded sedentary lifestyle I have found myself in ! Good luck and do let us know what you decide and how it is going. Ann

Thank you Anne, I will x

I've started to put weight on too Joan I'm on pregabaline too I will try slimming world I think x

What a beautiful picture you have!

Anyway.....please let me know how you get on with it, I think I will look into the hairy bikers one first. Not fair is it, we are in so much pain, ....then we have to deal with extra weight....still it's up to us to do our best. I am also going to talk to my doctor about another drug suggested to me. Will let you know how it goes. X

I forgot to say, I am also having some ' healing' next week. I have recently joined a psychic group, and healing has been offered to me, so I can't wait!!

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