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Huge weight gain with Gabapentin


Hi, I've been taking Gabapentin which does help to control the pain I suffer as I have Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately I am struggling to manage the significant weight gain. I'd welcome any advice fellow sufferers may have.

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Hello rosie1111111 and welcome.

This is a problem many suffer on this drug. Thre is no easy answer.

What I would suggest is go over to the fibro forum. They have a wealth of knowledge and hopefully be able to offer you some help.

I will pop over later to see what they say!

Good Luck


Many thanks, will certainly take your advice and check out the fibro forum.

Hi Rosie1111. Try asking your doctor to put you on pregablin (think the brand name is lyrica). My doc claimed this was the bigger better sister of gabapentin. I tried it and took 8 per day with no side effects and certainly no weight gain. I know everyone is different but it did work for me.

It's so difficult living with such a painful and Unpredictable condition you don't exercise as it's painful yet by not exercising then there's the possibility of weight gain and reducing your flexibility therefore making exercise difficult and even more painful. I'm not being rude as I have the same condition since 2002 plus many other pain conditions do you feel that your comfort eating because of pain and boredom also medication can increase appetite. Keep a very honest food log and write down why your eating what your eating so for example breakfast say you have jam and toast at 9 then at 11 your having biscuits and tea and so on by being honest with yourself will help you make changes by writing down why your eating when you are may show that your comfort eating or just bored. By making small changes to your diet will help you with your condition. Exercise is a must the more you do more you can do keeps us mentally fit as well. Be realistic go for a 5 minute walk daily keeping a log of this help in the dark days increase this slowly once you start to feel fitter look for a restricted exercise group even swimming and join that. It will introduce you to people with the same condition get you out so your not feeling bored nor socially isolated in time you will start to see the benefit not only with your weight but with the fibromyalgia. It's about diet improvements not put yourself on an eating plan that's to strict as it leads to failure. Also be strict with your timed exercise this is not a case of listening to your body as one day you may struggle with 5 minutes but the next you can do 20 mins it's about building up slowly keeping to the same set time daily then increasing each week. There's no quick way it's a long road forward with ups and downs but you can do it and you wi feel better.

rosie1111111 in reply to Nikk-1

Hi, many thanks for your response, I do agree with your comments and I certainly comfort eat but my eating habits have been the same for years. My concern is the gain since starting Pregablin; I do think I'll start to do a food diary as I obviously can't eat as I am doing now. Good luck with your condition.l

Hi rosie1111111, I have been taking pregabalin since 2013 along side amitriptyline for nerve pain caused by prolapse surgery and mesh and yes I also have gained weight with these meds. as they are the cause of such weight gain its difficult to try to loose it when continuously taking the meds that cause it in the first place. I prefer the weight gain to the pain without them. I think you get to a certain weight then are stable at that, despite feeling as though you look pregnant and people do stare I have come to the conclusion that this is how I look and that's better than pain

You might want to go see a Neurologist. I may have Fibromyalgia but I understand that there is no test for that yet. I take 36 Milligrams a day of gabapentin along with 3 or 4 hydrocodone a day.

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I'll give your comments serious thought.


I'm on lyrica (pregablin) which is nearly the same drug - yes it's horrible I've put on 3.7 stone and now it's affecting my joints more. I'm sorry that's one of the bad side affects! I'm on a very healthy diet and I'm afraid even that doesn't help! I think no matter who posts you will find it's difficult for everyone on these drugs to lose weight!

Best wishes

Frank D

Hi Frank

Many thanks for your response. I have found that even being on a healthy didn't help with weight loss just like other sufferers find. I even wondered if gastric band would be the answer!!!


Funny enough I had this conversation the other day with my wife ! And we both agreed that nope it probably wouldn't work as the medication makes you store water, I've even tried water tablets and even that didn't work! I was given an option by my pain consultant stop lyrica and lose weight but the pain will come back or remain overweight and be more or less pain free- I chose the weight!

Best wishes

Frank D

Hi Rosie, I've been on gabapentin for decades yes I put on weight till last year I was going to be 60 in the December and with being a twin I wasn't going to be the fatty, went to weight watchers and have lost 4st 12lbs .

When in pain it is very difficult to move around, I've had FMS since I was young I think that my pain Meds are at the right level which is great but it doesn't help your situation try and set yourself small goals everyday and one treat per day eat lots of fruit blueberries are excellent as they are free radicals for your blood.

I really hope that you get the right dose worked out for you I'm on 700mgs a day, also zydol XL 300 slow release pain med tram ado like family, dihydrecodiene one at night my thyroxine, adalat for raynauds, spray for chronic rhinitis and prone to ear infections. The list goes on and on

Go back to your Dr and tell him your concerns about weight gain and see what they can do for you .

rosie1111111 in reply to Specy2

Many thanks for advice. Think I need to speak to my doctor about my concerns again. Hope your condition list improves and reduces in the not too distant future

I did acupuncture and my fibromyalgia went away just a thought!

I'll look into it; it's probably the only thing I haven't thought of. Many thanks.

took 2 visits one was not enough depends on how bad it is

I have gained 40 lbs. Cut out all soda tea sweets and now exercising. VERY FRUSTRATING....need it but hate it...I hope you find something that works.

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