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Belly pain

Hi guys, last Sunday my belly started paining me under my navel and the pain would spread to my lower right back. I started using buscopan plus and it helped a bit. On Tuesday I was admitted to hospital for chest pain. Several tests showed no heart condition. I also did an ultra sound of my belly, which was normal. Awaiting the results of a urine test now.

The pain in my belly was extreme last night could not sleep. Took arcoxia, buscopan plus and nexium but did not get much relief. My blood results are all normal. I'm very worried now. Any help guys would be appreciated.

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I'm no doctor so don't really know.I suffer chronic IBS sometimes to the degree of going to AE .All I can really suggest to you is try not to stress and worry about it (I know easier said than done ) try distracting yourself and relax sorry I couldn't be more help.


Sometimes gas pain can be very extreme. Probiotics, one before bedtime, puts the normal flora back in the gut and helps keep one regular. Any health food store should have them. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Good luck.


Are your bowels regular? A back up can be really painful. Are you male or female?


I'm male. Saw my doctor today, after examining my urine test result , he said I'm developing kidney stones. Have to drink lots of water, coconut water etc. Also got Lasix 1/2 a tablet daily and panadine for the pain.


I've had a rock quarry inside me over the years. Try drinking consecrated lemon juice followed by lots of water. It helps break down the stones. Hope you pass it quickly. I feel your pain!!! xxx Mitzi


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