New to the site. Chronic pain sufferer. Does anyone have experience with either Tramadol or Pregabalin???

Hi there. As my title states, I'm new to the site and not too sure what to expect but I'm getting married in 4 weeks and just when I thought I had my pain under control I've had a relapse and I'm feeling very worried and scared. I've been prescribed both Tramadol and Pregabalin but have read both are strong and can make you feel rough. I don't really want to feel like this with my wedding coming up but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have experience with these drugs??

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  • I'm on pregabelin, it helps me.

    I've had tramadol and it did help a lot, but I found the side-effects, for me, of coming of it a bit difficult - I didn't feel I slept for a few days. but if I needed to take it short-term again, I would.

    but, different drugs, do not work or affect different people in the same way.

    best wishes for you and your partner on your Wedding and for the future :)


  • Hey Hamble. Many thank for the reply.

    How long have you been on Pregabalin and what do you use it for, if you don't mind my asking?

    I've read that the side effects of Pregabalin are strong and that many people put on a great deal of weight on the drug? Have you had any problems?


  • Hi yes I have been on both and still take pregablin.Some people feel tired and spaced out with them although I personally didnt .You have got 4 weeks to test them out and see if you have any side effects.Pregablin is good for nerve pain .Give them a go and if they font suit you thete is plenty of time to tell.Good idea to test them when you dont need to drive incase you feel drowsy and best to avoid alcohol.I put on a little weight with pregablin but was mainly fluid retention around a couple of kilos .Best wishes forvthe wedding and remember stress makes pain feel worse as you tense up muscles. X

  • Hi there. Thanks for responding. I'm unsure on Pregabalin. I've read a lot of negative stories about them with a lot of people stating that they've put on weight on them. Have you had that problem? James.

  • Yes I gained around 5 pounds in weight

  • Hello again. In what time period did you gain this weight?

  • About 6 weeks

  • I've just bought my suit you see and I can't afford to gain any weight. It is awful timing :-(

  • hi jmscant, I replied last night in a pm.

  • Hello Jmscant, welcome to the site I use Tramadol it makes me sleepy and I have heard it can cause cramps. Some people get spaced out on it have to admit I get memory problems with larger doses. Sickness is another bad side effect that some people get. Never had Pregabalin but most reports suggest it has some nasty effects others find it OK so I would say try it and keep tabs of any change occurring, if severe seek immediate medical help never continue a tablet if you find you get adverse effects as there may be a different option for you. Every best wish for a lovely wedding day and a long happy marriage.

  • Hi there. Thanks for responding. What dose of Tramadol do you use?

  • Hi Jmscant, I am prescribed 50mg of tramadol 1or2 four times a day to answer your question. Hope you are well this afternoon.

  • Yeah I've been prescribed 50mg 1 tab 4 times a day or if and when I need it. I'm just concerned as I've read it's very addictive and can present a lot of probs. I've been on dihydrocodeine for a while, a high dose of 60mg four times a day and at first it helped but it no longer does

  • Hi there. I recommend you only try tramadol for now and see how you go. Pregabalin has a lot of side effects including feeling spaced out and weight gain and I'm sure you wouldn't want either with your wedding being so close. What meds have you tried previously and did they work. Where is the pain and what is the cause and type of pain?

  • Hi Sharelle. Thanks for responding. Yes I am leaning towards holding off on the Pregabalin, mainly due to the reasons you've given. The spaced out feeling and weight gain is the last thing I want before the wedding. If I didn't have the wedding then I would probably try them. Have you tried either Tramadol or Pregabalin/

  • Hiya I tried pregabolin and had to come off the next day as the side effects were awful. Tramadol just upset my stomach as I have IBS. I now take gabapentin but again horrible side effects. I've put on weight!!!!!! I also take some other weird and wonderful tablets that I can't remember the name of. These are making me forgetful and spaced out. I am still in a lot of pain. Nothing seems to help. You don't say why you are on this medication-I have MS. Good luck for your forthcoming wedding, I hope you have a wonderful day and that you are relatively painfree.

  • Hi Lynn. Thanks for the advice. I've read a lot of negative things about Pregabalin in terms of side effects and weight gain. I'm using medication for chronic pain really. Started in my lower back and has spread to my core abdominal muscles and pelvis. I also suffer from depression and I'm worrying about my wedding

  • are you taking anything for depression? I am on 200mg of sertraline but all the different concoctions of tablets affect them. The MS doesn't help!

  • Hi again. Yes I have been taking Paroxetine (seroxat) for about ten years. I started on 60mg and have gone down to 15mg now but I don't know whether to up the dose again or try something else as well?

  • Like you I was on seroxat for many years but they stopped working. Tried a variety of pills but sertraline really seem to work for me. When is your wedding? If you want to tell me bit more about yourself


  • Hi again Lynn. Yes I've a feeling they've stopped working for me also but they're so difficult to come off. I'll have a read up about Sertraline. My wedding is 3 weeks this Friday, so as you can probably imagine I'm very anxious with being in all of this pain. I don't know what to do :-(

  • Hi Jmscant could you go back and see your doctor? With three weeks to go until your wedding now is probably not the right time to change tablets. I would be very interested to learn how you get on. Lots of luck and best wishes Lynn

  • Hi I've been on Pregablin for about 8yrs to be honest I don't Beleive it helped with my pain but like an idiot I carried on livening in hope.Since then I've tried to come off it a few times without success .I suffer chronic IBS so the next step they gave me was Tramadol did no good at all.At the moment I'm trying to come off Mirtazapine ,when I've done that I intend to try again to come off Pregablin.If you want my opinion I would not go near either tablet. I don't know if it's right that Pregablin holds fluid retention,but a couple of years back I had heart failure for that exact reason.I also believe a lot of my problems over time has been through being over prescribed. Hope this has been some help and good luck.

  • Hi I agree with everything you said. I was on pregabalin but had horrible reaction so was taken off it. I have been on gabapentin for months, increasing gradually, but they are not stopping the pain. I am still taking them in the hope they will. The doctors have put me on various other tablets-they haven't done anything about the pain but the side effects are awful. I tried the last ones 6 days ago and stopped taking them last night. I was feeling so ill: totally spaced out, couldn't remember anything and so tired. This morning I feel almost back to normal. I am not trying any more. Good luck with everything.


  • Hi. Thanks for replying. I just don't know what to do. If I didn't have my wedding coming up then I would just throw caution to the wind and take all these tablets but it concerns me :-(

  • Hi there, I am new too and don't know what to expect either. Your experience was certainly similar to mine when I started those medicines. The good news is that those symptoms you are having will dissipate. I found the Pregabalin if built up slowly was ok and have learnt that taking Tramadol on a full stomach is much better than on an empty one - much, much better. It took me a good 2 weeks to get used to the Pregabilin. Try to give yourself some time to adjust (meaning rest) and hopefully your body will adjust in time. S

  • Hi Susan. Thanks for responding. In what way is my experience similar to yours? What side effects did you endure with Pregabalin? Did you gain weight, as most people seem to?? Also, could you drink alcohol?

  • Hi I take tramadol and I have no side effects. I also take sevredol (same as oromorph in tablet form, a short term morphine analgesic) again this helps. I couldn't tolerate pregabalin and it didn't help. Regarding anti depressants, I find Prozac great (fluoxetine) and although yours is the same family, some are better than others depending on the person. Maybe up it a bit and see if that helps. Obviously arranging a wedding is stressful so aromotherapy (especially lavender) might help. I have a TENS machine which is great and can be discreet. It works well when it's on but when I take it off the relief doesn't last but it's good to wear it when doing manual stuff, ironing, doing wedding preparation things. Take your meds regularly and have time for yourself. If you do have any time then mindlefulness is the new buzz word and there are some good books out there. I have 'living well with pain' by Vidyamala Burch which was recommended to me and easy to read. Finally remember, your wedding day is about you, so you enjoy it and don't let your pain or mood ruin the day, you'll regret it and the pain will win. You live your life and the pain should follow not your pain rule your life! I'm not normally deep but I really want you to have a fab wedding day x

  • Hi There

    The regular Tramadol makes me drowsy, however you get SR (slow release) and it works wonders. I am on 150mg twice a day (for the past 7 years). If the pain breaks through the Tramadol, it was suggested by my consultant to take paracetemol to strenghten the impact of the Tramadol.

    I hope it helps a bit. You are not alone in this and keep on asking.


  • Hey there. Slow release tabs work for you then? No side effects? I take it you can't drink alcohol on them?

  • Hi there,

    Yes, I take both for my Chronic Back Pain.

    Tramadol has been my main drug for many years and my doctors have tried other additional drugs to deal with the breakthrough pain I was getting. That includes codiene and Pregabalin, the codeine didn't work for me, in fact knocked me out! But the Pregabalin has worked very well and I continue to take that with Tramadol now.

    From reading what other people are saying it sounds like I'm lucky to not have any side effects, with the exception of by about 9pm I'd fall asleep if I went to bed with no problems.

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi I have severe pain and take Tramadol I don't like the normal ones ie. 50mg, I take the slow release (200mg twice a day) taking the 50mg you have a gap when you are asleep at night they also give you a full hit, the slow release allow the tramadol to enter your system over a 12 hour period, this gives constant pain relief. Tramadol is addictive if you take it now and stop it for even one day for your wedding you can get withdrawal symptoms such as an irritable feeling where you can't sit still it's not a nice feeling, I also find its a viscous circle, if I am in pain I feel depressed, if I am depressed I feel more pain, I take 200mg SR Tramadol twice daily, antidepressants twice daily, gabapentin just at night, and an anti inflammatory Naproxen twice daily, if you take anti inflammatories you need to take Omeprazole to prevent any stomach problems, this cocktail of drugs does keep things bearable for me, you may have to argue the SR Tramadol against the normal ones, one of my surgery GPs tried to tell me they were the same thing but they aren't.

    Hope you get on ok and have a lovely wedding, the only thing you could try so you can have a drink is a tens machine, the cheapest I found was at the Lloyds group of chemists.

  • I had a terrible reaction to just one 50mg tablet of Tramadol and am never allowed to take it again !

    I have not had the other drug.

    It is a shame, because I am told a lot of good things about Tramadol helping with pain that is both chronic and acute

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