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Capsaicin 8% patch


In November I will be having Capsaicin 8% patch (Qutenza®)

Treatment at RNOH.

I will have two patches, one placed on my knee for 1 hour and the other on my foot for thirty minutes. I will be monitored throughout.

This treatment is for crps in my left knee and foot.

Does anyone have experience of this and what can I expect?

I currently use the capsaicin cream 0.075%. The patch can only be applied in a hospital setting.

Thanks for your help. Let's have a flare free day.

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capsaicin can be really good for nerve pain. I'm guessing you have to be in hospital for the high strength patch testing just to see how you react to it the first time.


Hi marky

I had the cream and patches for my CRPS it did not work for me so now I am on a lot more meds, I hope it works for u

All the best



I might be able to help you easily.

Read my post here.


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