Well 3 weeks ago, I had a home assessment from capita, regarding my PIP application. Although the assessment, wasn't a pleasant experience. I received the decision today (thought I'd share it with you ,) standard care,enhanced mobility. So it is the result i hoped for. I can relax for 2 years, award until 2020,review, 2019.

Thanks for all your replys and advice.

Good luck to all,who are awaiting a decision! Thanks again.

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  • Well done I am so pleased for you.x

  • Thank you Rosewine, I asked for a copy of the assesers report,& I have to say she was honest as well as correct. Although I wasn't sure what she would say,as I have read so many horror stories of assesers telling lies. So I was prepared for a "battle ".

  • I had to go to an assessment centre and must admit I was having a really bad flare so some of it was a bit hazy but she was very professional and didn't rush me and I too thought I had a very fair award and it was what I was hoping for. I was one of the DLA to PIP transfers and had heard of so many others bad experiences that like you I was prepared to have to battle it out so when the letter came I must admit I reread it several times before I could actually take it in that I was being given the equivalent award to the one I had received on DLA. I think it gives hope to others.x

  • I also thought that my assessor was very fair.It was my first assement.

  • I've had three two fair one horrendous. My husband's was horrendous and we ended up at two tribunals because of it and a nearly 2 year wait for justice which did for him mentally so I have seen both sides of the coin.x

  • Hi Rosewine, just a quick question, reading your post. You say your husbands assessment was horrendous, and you ended up at 2 tribuneral, (I thought once you had been at a tribuneral once you couldn't go any further, unless you could prove a point in law. Perhaps you can. Or that what you meant.

  • Aly74 We had to go to two tribunals because when we went to the first one the panel agreed said that they had noted the points we had made and they had asked for a response from the DWP which they hadn't received. They themselves had noticed some worrying discrepencies between what the nurse had recorded and the evidence given to her. They asked for permission to access all his medical records from the moment he went to see his GP with his illness. From start of his claim for ESA and going to the second tribunal and getting a verdict it was nearly 2 years.x

  • I'm glad for you, it does seem as though they are putting people through the ringer.

  • Those standardised questions are so subjective, it's amazing they can make an informed decision.

    E.g. "Can you stand and then move between 50-200 metres either aided or unaided?" (from

    -With crutches I can easily (on a good day), other days I can hardly move.

    -Unaided? Maybe, if my life depended on it or there was a million £'s waiting for me. I would be in pain for days afterwards, and may need to go into A&E straight away. Are the VERY strong pain meds that I'm taking classed as an aid?

    -Is it 50 or 200 metres? It's like say the residentcial speed limit is 30 or 120mph... :O

    -Move? Oh you didn't even say walk!! Then I'm fine, I can get around on my arse and other three limbs. #rolleyes

    Anybody want to access me? :)

  • Pip question 14;moving around;

    How far can you walk taking into account any aids you use? Less than 20 metres Between 20 & 50 metres Between 50& 200" " 200 metres or more it varies.

    Criteria , is met if it can be done: safely, repeatedly, in "reasonable time"?

    It seems that you couldn't.

  • Hi i was the same so worried about applying for pip but I was worrying for nothing had my assessment just over 2 weeks ago the assessor was lovely a male nurse was like visiting my GP got the brown envelope on Friday I have been awarded enhanced for mobility and enhanced for daily living for 5 years so good results so good luck to the people who are waiting to go x

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