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Hi There,

I have taken the shingles several times in October 2013, February 2014 and now again May 2014. Does anyone know or have suffered the same that they know why it keeps coming back. I have it around eye and it is very sore, tension head aches, eye ball sore and eye ball socket sore. I am so pissed off that it keeps re-occurring. Has anyone ideas how to prevent it to come back?

All thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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Are you sure its shingles, and not something else like trigeminal neuralgia or trigeminal neuritis? If you keep getting it recurring, ask your GP to refer you to a specialist, as its obviously not being kept under good control.


Hi There, thank for the info. I went to a women last night who does the cure for the shingles and she said it looks like them again as i have two we blisters under the eye lid. but i am not to sure as the eye socket is sore and is burning and while pressure on my head and working on a computer all day is not helping either i suppose. I really don't know what is wrong with me my GP is closed due to bank holiday.


If it is recurring shingles, there is an antiviral immunisation programme started recently. It is available free to all over ( I think ) 70yrs. However, if you are having it so frequently and so painfully and around the eye area, ask your doc if it might help you ward off future attacks. You should now be on an antiviral medicine, Aclovir, or similar.


Poor you. I have had Shingles once it was awfully painful for up to a year afterwards. I think the best way to avoid it is to work on your immune system by eating good food, rest fresh air and avoid stress where you can. I also take Manuka Honey 10+ in herbal teas daily, I think it helps.


I'm in the throes of a second attack, and asked about the vaccine. Its only available if you're either 71 OR 79 and as I'm 75 I was refused it. I also have blisters on my eyelid but can't get an appointment till Tuesday, I'm seriously thinking of walking into Specksavers and asking them tomorrow. I'm feeling very down and cold all the time.


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