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swollen feet and painfully legs

I have had swollen ankles for many years on and off but since January this year they have become to be swollen more often, i am thinking it maybe due to my lower back problem.

In march i was off for three weeks and didn't manage to get around much they got worse.

At this time too i also started on pregabilian for my nerve pain down my leg, i have been to gp and had tests to make sure my heart and curclation are all ok which as come back fine.

So now my feet are well swollen and i am having leg pain too the gp seems to think its the pregabalian.

has anyone else had this problem with these tablets

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I had the same happen, and yes unfortunately it was a combination of both the pregablin (or lyrica they called it with me) and immobility due to back pain and sciatica.... please get this looked into and stopped asap, as my skin stretched too tight with the swelling, I got water blisters which then allowed bacteria in and as the blood flow was affected (too much water retention/swelling) I got cellulitis which was very hard to get rid of due to the swelling and tightness of my skin.

I hope you get assistance with this soon. I don't wish to worry you with my experience, but it was something that I wish I had pushed to get sorted sooner than I did.

Take care.

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Hi Prim 50 One of the many side effects of Pregabalin is Oedema, that is swollen ankles and feet and Gabapentin does the same, Read the patient information leaflet. The Gp should know this. See about it asap

Regards Moggiemay x


Hi prim50

I have all the same problems as yourself,right down to the cellulitis which I suffer frequently due to varicose excema that becomes very itchy. If you decide to come off the pregabalin make sure your GP does it slowly, you may not have had any problems going on it,but coming off can be horrendous , I missed 3 doses of 200mg and I had loads of the side effects, it was awful my husband had to stay home until I was able to get a dose into me so take care whatever you decide to do. If only there was a miracle cure for long term take care x

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So many postings on pregabalin I wonder if it works for anyone! Hope you manage to sort this problem out quickly. Best wishes.


Hi Prim50, I have just read your comment on pregabalin

I am so sorry to hear about your suffering with that awful pain.

This has made me think ,I must go to see my G P because I too have swollen

ankles and my legs particularly the backs of my knees are in agony.

I have to use a stick , and to be honest I am frightened to go out because I keep feeling that my legs are going to give way under me. I am constantly in tears, my Doctor doesn't seem

interested, so when I make a new appointment I shall see a different Doctor.

I am on 75mg Pregabalin mornings and 75mg evenings and in between, 3 doses of co-codamol

2x8/500 3times a day and one dose at night 2x 30/500 ..I am sleeping reasonably well as long as I sleep on my back and stay in that position all night. I have finally got used to that.

I have Arthritis in both hips also I have a spinal injury at the bottom of my spine which is an old injury, and the arthritis has attacked that. I suffer from nerve pain in my legs but this ankle swelling is something very different and the pain at the back of my knees.

I have never known pain like it , please is there anyone who can identify with this?

Could some of this be the Pregabalin? I really would like to come off it but am a bit frightened to try.

I sincerely hope that you get some help yourself.

kind regards Rhapsody.




if you are having problems with this medication as many of you seem to have, contact your GP and ask for the medication to be yellow flagged if the problem is not known.

If the problem is odeama, fluid it may be that it would be advisable to ask for fluid tabets , or if really bad can be asparated with a syringe.

On problem of cause the swelling could be due to injury or possibly arthritis, although this does not seem to be the case.

Personally I suffer from swelling because of arthritis in knee etc.

You really need to see your doctor again to have it investigated, or change your medications

He is the specialist here so take his advice

All the best


Thank you all for your comments i am seeing another gp next week and gone down from 100 mg twice a day to 75 mg twice a day hopefully if i come off them the same way as i went on them i shouldnt get too many withdrawal side effects.

I am also going back to my MSK dr in june and i am not pressing for any medication i will put up with the lower back pain its the leg pain i not into at all as i need to be mobile in my job


You can get pumps and an elastic garment which can help remove the fluid from swoolen tissue. Have a look at Compression Therapy and I used to work for them 20 years ago.


so its final its the pregabalian should be out of system in a month.


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