Can anyone tell me if there are people that can go to medicals at atos to represent me as i have been stitched up by them 3 times now

i have heard of officials being able to represent you at medicals with atos i'm at my wits end now and can't afford financially and emotionally risk them doing it to me again any names or numbers of people in that field would be great

thank you.

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  • Hello BOB here

    You may be allowed too take a family member.

    Someone may know on here although it could be tomorrow


  • Yes you can take along a family member, when dealing with ATOS, but they cannot ' represent ' you at a medical, they can however give you moral support, and if they are respectful to the ' health professional ' can help fill in details of your condition that may have for instance, slipped your mind.

    Ask your local council about - The Welfare Rights Unit - You should find them online.

    I don't know if every/your council provides the The Welfare Rights Unit service, but they know all the ropes.

    In dealing with ATOS - always appeal if you think that they are in the wrong, again The Welfare Rights Unit can represent you at your appeal.

  • I have never heard of anyone being represented by another person. Happy to ask friends in other campaign groups. What do you mean 'stitched up' 3 times by Atos?

    Pat x

  • I mean they have lied 3 times ie saying i have never brought any evidence of my condition to the medicals when i have. i won the first appeal for esa but lost the next 2 for dla the third medical i had my right ankle was three times its normal size and they said that it was perfectly normal when they never even looked at it luckily i had photo's which i sent off to them after i was refused and i received a written apology from them but they still did not reverse there decision and still refused my claim based on the first medical even though i won the appeal on that decision. They also said that they carried out all sorts of checks like lifting my arms and legs in the air and got me lying on my back when none of this actually happened they had to lie because they could visibly see i could not do it even if they did ask that was last year now.They are saying that i will not have a medical this time but its just to check of how my condition affects me on a daily bases ie having to sleep down stairs and using a bucket as a toilet just sick of them being all nice at the interview but none of that being relayed to the assessment papers they send back to the dwp the last assessor chucked all of my paper work on the floor to see if i would bend down to pick it up had to slide it up my leg to get hold of it them put in the paper work that i needed no help to retrieve it i just have no faith in them anymore i already have trust issue's so none of that helps.

  • Sounds a bit of a mess but never give up there is help for you.Someone mentioned Black triangle and yes they are very good but they deal more with campaign side.

    If you are on FB look up either Pat Onions or Susan Archibald. You can trust either of them I promise you.

    Don't try and do this on your own we can and will help. Let me know how you get on and if you need a hand give me a shout. This is more than a chronic pain problem.

    Pat x

  • The only time you can have someone to represent you is at a tribunal. As this is only a point of law you do not need to be present.

    The assessment that Atos carries out has to done on the applicant. As they may need to carry out a medicl obviously you have to be there.

    Pat x

  • Morning Pat

    There you are you know something I did not know


  • Ha ha ha! Thank you kind sir. .My other hat is as a campaigner for disabled people and carers, An uphill fight but one we will win.

    Pat x

  • You can't have a 3rd party represent you as it is an assessment of you! What you can have is a person accompany you for moral support and as others have suggested make comments on aspects of your particular symptoms you may have forgotten to mention (from experience this is dependent on the assessor being a competent, reasonable , professional - very unlikely) I would suggest you insist your assessment be recorded as is your legal entitlement. I think you will find a totally different attitude from the assessor when they know their performance can be recalled and used in a future appeal. Do not allow the assessor to dominate the assessment, it is your opportunity to describe YOUR conditions, take as much time as you feel necessary to highlight your personal circumstances and how your condition affects your daily living. They will want to tick their boxes as quickly as they can and will have no genuine concern for YOU, remember this when you respond. They can be beaten, but only if you insist on being heard! ps. My appointment was changed 4 times before they relented and agreed to recording! Be positive, assertive and do not succumb to their protocols. Take care.

  • Thanks once again everyone for responding i wish i had done all this sooner really helps to be talking to people even if it is via a keyboard one again thank you

  • I don't know if you're on Facebook, but there are some great organisations specifically to deal with Atos and the benefit system for the sick and disabled.

    These are the links to them:

    Eric Knight is a wealth of information and helpful.

    They provide emotional support as well as actual practical help.

    There are a few more organisations, which also seem good, but this is the one that seems to offer practicalities rather than just a place to sound off all the Atos induced frustration.

    You may take somebody with you, who can take notes of the meeting, and offer support if you need it.

    Are you also aware you can ask for your assessment to be recorded, so you have an accurate copy of what was said?

    I have a number you must ring beforehand to ask for this recording. They will possibly try to get out of it, but it is your right, so don't accept any stuff about not having access to recording. It is their responsibility to do so.

    I've been through them, initially 3 years ago, when I had to ask for the decision to be looked ya again.

    This year I sent my ESA50 in April, and have not been called in for WCA, they just sent me a letter saying my entitlement remained the same!

    Please don't do this alone.

    There are many organisations who have published help, how to approach the WCA, what to do/not do etc.

    There is also a group called the Black Triangle who help with all this stuff to.

    Best of luck, and I am crossing my fingers for you!

  • Lovely thank you DippyHippyChick i would defo be interested in that number i was going to record it myself i'm still entitled to the esa that's the same as it has been for the last 3 years i m in the work related group which i went to last year and the woman could clearly see i was unemployable and have not heard anything since its the dla or now pip side of it my family needs as we do not have a car and live in the middle of nowhere with no buses so feel very isolated plus its not fair on my children as we can not go anywhere as a family we are currently borrowing my wife's aunties mini and we are a family of six so the maths just don't work lol thanks for your help i may not even be called in again but i doubt it fingers crossed

  • The number to request home visit or recorded WCA is:

    0800 2888 777

    The e mail address for Atos customer service (customer! makes me laugh) is:

    4UP Facebook group:

    They are really calm, and very reassuring with the advice they give. They have all given their time free, and Eric is a lawyer, or something in the legal situation, and know what they're talking about!

    Good luck!

  • The number to request home visit or recorded WCA is:

    0800 2888 777

    The e mail address for Atos customer service (customer! makes me laugh) is:

    4UP Facebook group:

    They are really calm, and very reassuring with the advice they give. They have all given their time free, and Eric is a lawyer, or something in the legal situation, and know what they're talking about!

    Good luck!

  • I have just signed up for the 4UP group on facebook and signed the petition that's on there i will wait till i get my letter from atos and if i need to go to another medical i will phone them and request that but even with that i'm not sure how i will get there because i don't think my wife will be able to fit the wheelchair and my 3 year old in the mini its all a bit of a headache the last time i phoned them the lady did sound sympathetic about the fact that i had just gone 5 days with no sleep but i was not sure whether she was just being sarcastic we will see thanks for your help again it is very much appreciated.

  • No worries.

    But really, if you do have a WCA, get onto 4UP as they have really good leaflets of how to approach the whole thing, what to do, what to say, what to ask, what to refuse etc.

    I hope you won't need to go, unless it's a reassessment, you only have to see them for meetings etc if you're in the ERAG, but if you're in the support group you can refuse.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • I was on incapacity benefit. Filled in the esa form details in May and was notified that I was in the support group in August. I did not have a medical. Having evidence of MRI results helped

    I sent Atos more than 20 pages of typed A4 describing my condition and how it relates to the questions asked. You need to put in as much detail as possible with regard can you do the tests all the time or have some days better than others. Can you do the tests if you have to multitask in a work environment? The tests do not consider a working environment which requires doing many things at once and not being a danger to yourself and others.

    Filling in the details for the forms is work. So try telling Atos you cannot work would not be true. However can you work under employer conditions in a safe manner which will not cause you or anyone else injury or put you or someone else in danger of injury? Answer the questions in that manner with examples. If you are typing the answers on computer you have plenty of room. Refer the answers to the questions on the ESA form to the typed answers on the attached sheets which are numbered and the sub headings indexed.

  • You need to subscribe to a site called ´Benefits and Work´. It is not a government site but a site to support people like you and me. It sends out email advice and updates and is totally worth the money, about about 18 pounds pa )apologies I have an Icelandic keyboard.. Amongst things I found out that got me through ATOS without a medical were 1. If your Doctor believes it would be dangerous for you to work and puts this in writing to them they have to keep you on your benefit and put you in the support group ,not work related. You will have no medical. 2. As a government subcontractor they are bound to do a risk assessment for your medical but they do not do this. When you get your appointment write and tell them you will be pleased to come when you have seen, and only when you have seen, your personal risk assessment for your medical. Your medical will disappear. Good luck.

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