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Bit of this

Bit of this

Man with a gleam in his eye is rousing me from the sofa to sail forth. All I want is to sleep.

I contemplate my P.J.'s. perhaps not. After climbing into some semblance of conformity and a quick rest I sail forth. Wondering if I will stay afloat.

Stepping out I register the gloom and thunder of rain drops at the same time as a smile spreads across the face.

There is the excited chatter of the family who are checking out their summer residence under the eaves. I had spotted the House Martins on the phone wires a week earlier but this is their first house call, we have 2 nests side by side and a tray up the garden that I will whip out once the babies arrive to catch the yuck.

Much effort expended and we have 1 more stop before heading back to the sofa. A van pulls up and out pops my son. We never run into each other what luck. And he is promising to fetch up with the kids tomorrow.

Latter lying prostrate on my sofa I spy a chap whose making for the back door. He is clutching a small box that has winged it's way from Jersey containing Fuchsia plug plants. Wow. Now I have something to look forward to tomorrow.

Bit of that

Apparently I have inadvertently been "Wiring My Brain For Happiness".

Happy connections.

"The neurons that fire together, wire together".

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Sounds like a really lovely day nedd. It is very true that one positive action often leads to another and a little bit of effort can go a very very long way.

Long may the smiles last.



Thanks Nutty.

I love your "little bit of effort goes a very very long way".

There speaks a comrade in arms. Thought I.

May we have the energy to implement a positive action today.

And failing that may our sense of humour keep us afloat.